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They are probably related.
He probably found the gun in the first place while going through his mothers underwear, so his morals were already shot(no pun) to start with.
And chalk up another school shooting since sandy hook, regardless of any shots being fired. Maybe that's the plan, encourage kids to do something stupid like that so they can scream school shooting. These idiots aren't to smart(hence idiots).
Wonder if the MOMMIE'S would add that to the "100 school shootings since sandy hook"?
Earl,"Civil disobedience is not violent confrontation" however look for a False Flag. Such as SWAT member being shot by a "sniper" that is a government goon to put the blame on those "disobedient citizens" and call for a ban on bolt action "sniper"rifles".
I think if it comes to pass, the first bullets will be fired by government goons or their running dogs into SWAT TEAM members to give them the "MORALE HIGH GROUND" not to mention an excuse. Yeah they well sacrifice a few, of course the few won't know the plan. Then they will go after those bolt action EVIL SNIPER RIFLES.
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