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America Is Two Countries, Not on Speaking Terms

Dave3678 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 1:00 PM
Stop. The Republican party does not hate America. I actually believe that the Democrat party does not hate America. We have a disagreement on big government vs. small government. That's it. Democrats are winning for now. So why write nonsense like this?

You know who won the election (or whether we face another Florida 2000), and as I write I don't.

But whether Barack Obama is re-elected to a second term or Mitt Romney is elected the 45th president, the contours of their support during this fiercely fought campaign show that we live in Two Americas.

The culturally cohesive America of the 1950s that some of us remember, usually glossing over racial segregation and the civil rights movement, is no longer with us and hasn't been for some time.

That was an America of universal media, in which everyone watched one of three...