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Forget, just for a minute, about Ms. Pavlich's message above. One thing struck me very curiously: She said that the "mainstream media" were calling it a win for Hillary. If you click that particular link (the word victory in her article), she takes you to an article written by a gent from Yahoo News. Is Yahoo News now "mainstream"? Is "mainstream media" now defined as any blogger that is liberal? If Brian Williams were to be knocked on the head, get liberal amnesia and somehow turn conservative, would that mean that NBC is no longer "mainstream"?
It is common in abusive relationships that the woman inexplicably goes back to the man. So, yeah, she does need help - but she's no more fool than lots of other women that have received help and have been able to move on. Let's pray that she gets some help and some support.
You are exactly right. At what point? We can't decide that. What is too long for one is too short for another. So there is no point. Leave it between God and the criminal. As for Gen 9:6, I'm no apologist, as much as I wish I were. I suspect the answer would lie somewhere in the recognition that the OT books were written at a certain place and time. For example, "an eye for an eye" was actually liberal namby-pambyism for its time, when stealing an apple would get your hand chopped off. Vengeance is not the purpose of the justice system, nor does it work. Killing the criminal does not mean equal restitution for the murdered, particularly for multiple murders - can we kill the criminal more than once? We protect society from criminal behavior. What more do we want?
Self-defense is a different case. I believe the Church accommodates self-defense, but, unfortunately, I don't know the precise teaching on that. If anyone else can help me here, please chime in.
Nobody but God has the right to decide who lives and dies. There is nothing circular about that logic. The Church teaches that the death penalty is warranted in extreme cases where society cannot be protected from the criminal. Lockett appears to have been approaching that extreme with his antics in jail - but he never killed anybody while in jail despite those antics. He was let out several times (acc. to Ann), and that's the crime. Lock him up and throw away the key. It is a one in a gazillion chance that he would ever repent, but we eliminate even that chance if we play God and kill him on our own.
Mr. Goldberg does a decent job refuting arguments against the death penalty. However, he does not address the real issue, which is the sanctity of human life. God, and God alone, has the authority to decide who lives and dies, just as with abortion and assisted suicide. Government's job is to make sure that the general public is kept safe from criminals, which is effectively accomplished by locking them up and throwing away the key. Killing a murderer does not make the family of the murderer's victim whole again. Governments should not deprive a criminal of the opportunity to repent. How often would a hardened felon repent after being locked up in prison? A very low percentage, I'm sure. Would Mr. Lockett ever have repented. Probably not. But dead felons, including Mr. Lockett, don't get the chance.
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Getting Repeal Right

Dave3678 Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 3:33 PM
The problem with conservatives is that we recognize the validity of our beliefs on the big picture. Unfortunately, that could take years, decades, to accomplish. What Democrats get is that people want their lives to improve now. And they promise the world. I've got a kid in college, and two more coming up. I need relief on my medical expenses NOW. (Of course, inflated college costs is another story.) I want full repeal NOW, and I want market-based insurance and tort reform to drive down costs NOW. I get it. Politically, it won't sell. Very frustrating that we don't have anybody in the Republican party that can lead.
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Is Jesus Cool?

Dave3678 Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 11:17 AM
I was never much of a Matthew McConaughey fan. Until Sunday night. His acceptance speech was great. Thanking God and making the libs in the audience squirm.
There is not one word in above article about suing the offending businesses to force them to cater to people who disagree with them. Why do we let the homos bully us, but not the other way around?
I'm exposing my ignorance of the immigration process. What difference does it make why a German moves to the US? Can't they come here, say, to look for a job?
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