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Estonia and Austerity: Another Exploding Cigar for Paul Krugman

Dave262 Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 10:32 AM
I am glad to see reporting of smaller EU member states and I would love to see more. My wife is a Hungarian and that is another country trying to sort out its finances after years of corrupt communist controled government. The EU is activly fighting against Hungary's current conservitive gov but this is something we never hear about in the U.S.

I have great fondness for Estonia, in part because it was the first post-communist nation to adopt the flat tax, but also because of the country’s remarkable scenery.

Most recently, though, I’ve been bragging about Estonia (along with Latvia and Lithuania, the other two Baltic nations) for implementing genuine spending cuts. I’ve argued that Estonia is showing how a government can reignite growth by

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