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Sorry, I didn't realize we were being graded on spelling. LOL
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One-on-One with Jeb Bush

Dave262 Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 8:08 AM
I doubt that Jeb Bush could get elected pesident after the 8yrs of media bashing W took. Jeb can still be a media force for the GOP party and I hope to see him speak out more often.
I have been hopeing that some year we could get through an election cycle without the Libs trotting out watergate/Nixon again and again. You can bet there will be no articals or vidios specials about the Carter years or maybe the Clinton scandals.
West has more appeal than people realize being a black, no nonsense, x-military, well spoken conservitive. I would like to see Huckabee also considered, his popularity has risen since he lost to McCain. I think most people realize he would have been a better pick than McCain and a much better president than Obummer.
I know Daniels and he is not wimpy, but he prefers to speak softly and carry a big stick. He is the most qualified conservitive to straighten out our economy but he suffers from a very uninspiring personality.
I am glad to see reporting of smaller EU member states and I would love to see more. My wife is a Hungarian and that is another country trying to sort out its finances after years of corrupt communist controled government. The EU is activly fighting against Hungary's current conservitive gov but this is something we never hear about in the U.S.
Obama won the last election mainly because of the 8yrs of anti Bush media bashing. When you also put the massive support of Soros and the labor unions in the mix its outcome was predictable. Mr Obummer doesn't have the anti Bush sentimate working this time, and he has managed to upset; Catholics, females, Jews, military, plus most Christians. I expect this election to go as the recent recall in WIS went, the media will claim Obummer will win but he won't.
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The Recall Heard Around the World

Dave262 Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 4:17 PM
She was angry because he was admitting defeat while people were still voteing.
I see no mention of Huckabee, which is a mistake he has all the qualities needed to round out the ticket. Conservitive, likeable, and excepted by most of the GOP factions.
I didn't know about Greece but Soros is originally from Hungary. My hungarian wife told me all about him before he became a big issue here in the U.S. His work with the Nazi was helping round up jews in Hungary.
Soros has the ability to conduct crime against whole countries and for this reason we need a law to deal with him. If not a law then he should be charged with chrimes against humanity and taken to the world court. I have often wondered why Isreal didn't take him out as a WW2 war criminal because he aided the Nazi's against his own people the jews. Soros has caused more problems in the world then we will ever know about and he has a bigger part in the U.S. political / economic problems then we could prove. Soros must go!!!
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