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"I will say that a determined male almost always is capable of subduing even the most well-trained females." Yes, but the feminists would disagree, on principle, even if it could be demonstrated in practice. And is, at every coed martial arts class. Just not at the all female ones.
I don't think Lars supports government furnishing free firearms to women. He has found an inconsistency in Democrats' rhetoric, but that's not difficult.
Dartmouth is a private concern. It can forbid concealed carry on its property, especially by students.
Please note - I do NOT support Hamas, but I don't trust some French television journalist.
Given everything we've heard about Hamas censoring/spiking media releases from Gaza, how can we believe that Gallagher Fenwick of France24 recorded that piece in Gaza and got it out to the West?
Not recognizing that the Congress has equal responsibility is remarkably childish. Every time the Presidency changes, it produces the partisan back-and-forth that solves nothing. The House, with its much vaunted but somewhat diminished Power of the Purse, has had a Republican majority for the last 3½ years of the Obama administration's 5½ years. To ignore their contribution to the deficits is extreme fatuity.
That horrific photo! Are they singing "Kumbaya" or "We are the World"? BARF!
Before you give a lung, you should learn to spell "border". "Reagan", too, while you're at it.
Simon's snark is shameful, if sadly typical of Politico and the rest of the Left. However, securing the border is a Constitutional responsibility of the national government. Under Gov. Perry's authority, it is not at all clear what the Texas National Guard can legally do.
"some of it's [SIC!] worst offenders"
Disagree. To an extent greater than any other time in my life, the President is dictating the words and actions of his party's leaders in both houses of Congress. Reid and Pelosi are Obama's willing tools.
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