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Not Obama's nominee for U.S. AG, apparently.
Shouldn't the nominee for U.S. Attorney General speak more precisely about "rights" than the participants on the Jerry Springer Show?
One has to think that Netanyahu is going through the motions to keep Obama and the rest of the Left off his back. But one wishes he wouldn't.
"The purpose of Hamas sending rockets into Israel" is to ensure that the world, through the Leftist media, sees only Gaza civilian deaths. If Hamas doesn't fire at Israel, Gazans don't die, and Hamas loses its international PR advantage.
Local "news" parrots the same dreck that the network spews.
"Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq" With a three star general commanding. Commanding what?? "U.S. security assistance supports the development of a modern, accountable, and professional Iraqi military capable of defending Iraq and its borders. U.S. security assistance programs also promote civilian oversight of the military, adherence to the rule of law, and the respect for human rights, while simultaneously increasing the Iraqi military’s capability to respond to threats and conduct counter-terrorism operations. EMBASSY BAGHDAD maintains the Office of Security Cooperation – Iraq to further these goals and to facilitate Iraq’s role as a responsible security partner, contributing to the peace and security of the region." That's from a State - not Defense - Department website dated September 7, 2012. This is bureaucracy, not war.
ONE airstrike. By two planes, dropping one bomb each. On a single artillery piece and the truck towing it. My guess is that the fighter planes were sent to escort the cargo planes, with orders to seek "targets of opportunity" when their escort mission ended. This is simply a demonstration. I'm not sure if it's intended more for ISIS or for Obama's domestic political audience.
"His" military.
The Constitution does not give you the right to carry a firearm onto someone else's private property without their permission.
"I will say that a determined male almost always is capable of subduing even the most well-trained females." Yes, but the feminists would disagree, on principle, even if it could be demonstrated in practice. And is, at every coed martial arts class. Just not at the all female ones.
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