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The Quran encourages followers of Islam to lie in order to advance the cause. You do not think, do you, that Hussein would ever lie to the American public to advance his pro-Islam and anti-US beliefs? Come now. Surely not. he only lies when his lips move.
Ms. Barf, you are one really ditzy chick. Did you land on your head as a child???
Too bad the traitor does not have the same sense of urgency regarding the XL Pipeline, huh?
While it is early, Walker is a breath of fresh air. Seems to be interested in what is good for all Americans, not just specific groups. Time will tell ...
This is business as usual for a corrupt admin that investigates any dissenting person or group, lies to Congress about same, opens the borders to invading ignorant masses, and sends guns to Mexico for use by the various cartels.
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Dave12155 Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 2:05 PM
Keep in mind that the KKK sprang from disaffected post-Civil War Democrats led by John Breckenridge of Kentucky (I think.). Also reflect on the proven fact that affirmative action gets blacks into colleges for which they are not academically qualified and out of which they flunk in record numbers as a result. So much for a helping hand; rather, they are handed the instrument of their own demise.
Thank goodness he got out before college corrupted him!
Negotiating with Muslims is like negotiating with Obama (hmmmmm): it is either their way or no way. No negotiation, just capitulation.
On the defensive? What is ISIS doing with the bodies, stacking them up to hide behind? It is Ol'Jug Ears who is on the defensive.
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