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Earned through deception and ineptitude. Phony from day one and in the admin's pocket. Wait long enough and she will be investigated for fraud. Maybe she, Obama, Reid, Nasty Nan, and Eric the Red (commie) can retire in the same wing of federal prison.
Abe Lincoln did not go to college. Neither did george Washington. Dirty Harry and Nasty Nan went to college, and look at the garbage that comes from their thoughts. Maybe it is time for a change in how we evaluate our candidates (like by listening to their ideas.)
Enough of paying the lazy. Every time welfare has been cut back, the job rolls grow big time. Put 'em to work.
Recognize one thing about the Pelosi-Birch: she knows dumb when she sees it, having covered it with make up for so many years. California deserves her. When the San Andreas splits and NoCal drops into the Pacific Ocean, may she drown with the rest of those liberals.
Seems to me like those dumb yankees who voted him into office need an affordable mayor.
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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Dave12155 Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 10:29 AM
Coulter sums up ObamaScare perfectly: (1) premiums high enough to choke the average family, with (2) deductibles so high that the average family will never get to use the insurance. This was and is a scam from start to finish, designed to get Americans to donate to the lazy, shiftless, and generally worthless permanent welfare population of our largest and most violent cities.
Just another ignorant, uninformed, black raghead. Muslims recruit better in our prisons.
Just another ignorant, uninformed, black raghead. Muslims recruit better in our prisons.
Mr. Miller, YOU can go fork YOURSELF. Americans do not need weenies like you to represent us. It is people like you and Mr. OCoward who have given Russia license to run roughshod over free and independent people in eastern Europe. You are not worth punching out; a good birch slapping would be sufficient for a puss like you.
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