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Thank God everyone in Detroit got to keep theirs.
Dear Mom, I am tired of being sexually objectified. I wish people would just shut up and pay for my birth control and abortions. Thanks!
The "right" to travel has already been proposed in Europe, along with government funding to secure that right. Thus, four more years of the current Washington D.C. regime may just bring the "right" to air fare for Muslim pilgrimages. Think of it as another form of affirmative action for an "unfairly misunderstood" minority group.
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Diversity and Catatonic Schizophrenia

Dave11846 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 3:38 AM
I am really quite offended by how overtly racist President Harrison's e-mail is. She glories in the virtue of diversity but guess what? - the most diverse race is the Caucasian race. From the dark skin, dark haired, dark eyed peoples of the exotic subcontinent of India, to the fair skin, fair haired, fair eyed denizens of Scandinavia, the Caucasoid race is rich in its diverse physical and cultural characteristics. No other race (i.e., Negroid or Mongoloid) can match the diverse diversity of diverse Caucasians. Thus, there is no other conclusion but that President Harrison is, in fact, a racist. Her unadulterated love for and worship of diversity can lead to no other conclusion.
That is not true, Allen West, a Republican Member of the House from Florida, is a member of the CBC. However, the CBC will not allow white membership, even if the Member of Congress is from a majority black district. It is a race-based committee all paid for by our tax dollars. As always, the laws of the country (i.e., equal protection) do not apply to our dear Members of Congress.
No, this is not Washington at its worst. This is typical Washington. There needs to be a constitutional convention to amend the constitution to rid the country of this sickening and dangerous buffoonery. Term limits, income tax percentage caps, congressional session length, and additional limitations on congress's powers are just a few places to start. In addition, the repeal of the XVII amendment is an absolute necessity. No matter who wins in November, Washington is out of control and it is time to get them out of our lives.
Big O, Mr. Prager called the left, not all Democrats, Godless. Which they are. However, the left is not godless.
So, what I think you are saying Big O, is that the left did the right thing by ending the shameful tactic. Or, could it that the left is ashamed of God?
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Who Loves Ya, Baby!

Dave11846 Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 9:52 PM
" In short, they want to revoke Christian, Jewish and Muslim freedom of conscience and banish us as bigots." You could not be more wrong. The Gilberts do not want anything to do with the Muslims. They are scared to death of them. Thus, only Christian churches and organizations are targeted, which shows you how cowardly they really are.
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Expel Brice Horton

Dave11846 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 9:24 PM
"[T]his means they respect the diverse backgrounds . . . ." The litmus test is no longer "tolerate," now you have to "respect" perversity.
BuddyC, Why are you defending a racist group like the CBC? What's in it for you? Are you also a racist? Do you think supporting this racist group will get you into heaven? Are you self-loathing? By the way, about being "too complicated": how much do you want to bet that each of these racist members of congress do not spend any of their money for the "free" food.
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