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Far out man! O been choomin' to bout a mile high now!
I agree! Obama has always had a bad altitude! No wait, attitude. Dang, nevermind.
"Hint: think illegal activity." Were you talking about Obama or Romney? All YOU people need to know but won't face becuase it turns your mesiah into a lia(r).
To all who would try to silence Mayor Bloomberg I say, "let him speak so that ALL will know him to be crazy." Mayor Bloomberg, the man you see in the mirror every morning is in serious need of medication! Help him and leave the rest of us alone!
Great observation. Once again he is wasting valuable oxygen.
At best police do one this passably well, investigate crimes that have already taken place. They don't protect the population at all. Police write reports on something that took place before they could get there. The only true answer to crime is to arm every citizen. The founders were all armed and presumed that following generations would follow suit. Give some thought to this very real argument, "When seconds count, cops are only minutes away." We the people, ordinary citizens, are responsible for our safety and protection. The Government will never be able to do that for you.
To the Mexican President from an American Citizen. Our laws are none of your damned business! Butt out!
Bloomberg is just another politician who needs to be charged with breaking his oath of office for his crimes against the constitution and the rule of law.
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Can the President Rewrite Federal Law?

09AZDave Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 2:27 PM
Obama should be impeached in the house, tried in the senate and imprisoned for the remainder of his unnatural life. But that won't happen becuase every member of congress is a coward and/or traitor/supporter of the most immature and arrogant idiot to ever hold the office of president of the United States of America. Senators and Congressmen, cowards all!
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