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One very important statistic that seems to neglected is, how many of the guns used in gun violence were illegal guns. To use gun violence as a means of scaring people into thinking we need more gun laws requires that the illegal gun use is ignored. For instance, I would bet that the gangs all use illegal/unregistered guns. Therefore, new gun laws will not affect gang related deaths with guns at all. The point is, new laws do not affect a percentage of gun violence. To hide that fact is a just a means of keeping the gun restriction laws coming.
There are a lot out there who do not believe there is a thing called "truth". They believe that truth is only a matter of perspective. Since "truth" is not important then there is no reason not to manipulate the truth to one's advantage. Another word is "expedient" that is a working term for doing whatever is to one's advantage without regard for ethics or moral principles. The means justifies the end. I believe that we are truly a falling or fallen nation since next is a very short step to rule by force.
When you start trying to find Bible errors you are just pushing your ignorance. I suggest that you read the section on the Bible "errors" from the book, "I don't have enough faith to be an Atheist". The errors are so minor in defining the meaning that they are not worth even discussing.
I will have to ask what it is that you don't like about the Bible? I have found no inconsistencies in the Bible. In fact, since it was penned by multiple authors over many years you would certainly expect all sorts of variants of who God is. The fact that they all describe God in the same way is a clue for you that this God is very real and does not change over time. We, on the other hand, flip flop all over the place on our own when it comes to moral issues. Might makes right is the only human means of determining what is right and wrong. And we all know where that goes.
I don't recall who exactly was pushing for women in combat roles but I bet it was not the conservatives. Another contradiction. So push to get women in combat but claim that women can't use a gun to defend themselves. Just goes to show that any convenient "truth" just pops out of certain individual's mouths as long as it fits the current agenda.
This is the Muslim way. Force the infidels to obey. ISIS in Syria and Iraq are perfect examples of Islam by the book. Force the infidels to submit, convert, or die! The woman was offended by the infidel sign "boasting" about eating bacon, the forbidden food. Any Muslim knows that Allah forbids it. All must submit to Allah. Get ready for more of this in America.
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6 Truths About Pornography

Dave11189 Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 4:49 PM
I find the article very encouraging because it clearly declared pornography to be sin and that God can free from the enslavement to pornography. And, no, this is nothing like Westboro Baptist Church. They only seek to condemn America because of homosexuality and declare that American soldiers are dying because of this. There is nothing pompous about calling a spade a spade. It is called telling the truth. You obviously do not fear God or believe the Bible to be God's Word. I once was an atheist but now very much believe the God of the Bible to be the God of the Universe, the Creator, the One Who can both judge and save from judgement.
DoctorX is one of the "elite" who thinks he will come out on top when the debt finally drives us into the ground similar to the Soviet Union collapse. He thinks he is above us peons which is why he doesn't really answer any questions or comments. He just belittles them. He doesn't really listen either. Why should he since he is above us (at least in his opinion). Don't confuse him with the facts, his mind is made up. :-)
The only party of stupid is you libs. I recently read an excellent book that describes the new method of making decisions in the US. It is "how do you feel about the subject?" No thought or data needed. Hence the liberal cries of "We have to do this for our children" or " We have to do this to protect the environment". So you libs don't think, you just feel. Hate speech is another great lib feel-good term. If you disagree with me then what I think is hate speech. DoctorX, you need to start thinking. I mean really thinking. Make use of your brain and look at the DATA!!!!!!
Paranoia from the right? Perhaps you don't live in New York State. We have had the tightest handgun laws in the nation for years. Currently it takes about a year and a half to get a permit. Our handgun laws didn't stop the Long Island Railroad killings. But our illustrious governor decided that more needed to be done after Newport. So he pushed through the SAFE act which now requires registration of many "assault" rifles. The quotes are used because the bill also redefined assault rifles. I feel very sorry for the parents of the children that were killed at Newport along with the loved ones of the staff. But you miss the point of the article. Increasing gun restrictions does not stop killers.
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