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Creating a Risk-Free World

Dave11130 Wrote: May 09, 2012 2:44 PM
Tailgaters are most likely responding to the fact that highways are carrying more cars; in the old days we were told to leave 10 car lengths between vehicles on the highway--nowadays an attempt to do that would result in one car after another jumping into the gap, causing you to drop back and then another car would jump in. The way to prevent that (and allow you to eventually get where you are going) is to cut down the distance between cars. (At least, that is the mind frame at work and the reason for tailgating.)
A child leaving home alone for the first time takes a risk. So does the entrepreneur who opens a new business. I no more want government to prevent us from doing these things than I want it to keep us in padded cells.

Everyone has a different tolerance for risk. One person takes out a second mortgage to start a business. Another thinks that sounds nerve-racking, if not insane. Neither person is wrong. Government cannot know each person's preferences, or odds of success.

Even if it did, what right does it have to tell them what to do?

When government gets...