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A Republican Response to Obamacare

Dave11130 Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 7:11 PM
I'm afraid that it has already metastasized, even before implementation. Too much of the framework is in the works for there not to be severe disruption when it is yanked out.
Although it's a tempting argument, in this case "nonessential" means "in the short term"--jobs that are not necessary to meet immediate day-to-day needs of the public. For long-term activity, though, a lot more workers are needed to plan, monitor, amend, etc.
They knew that he adopted a child under conditions that were illegal, and that he had kept under wraps.
When both houses of Congress and the President are of the same Party and mindset, it is essentially the equivalent of a single point of control, like a King. The ACA was passed under those conditions, and even then by the use of questionable procedures. In this case, divided government is our only hope to avoid even worse catastrophes.
This is intended as satire, right?
They are not about to eliminate duplication in the government--what would all those displaced government employees do? So far, most of the "gains" in full-time employment have been in the government. Can't cut those folks out.
The time for "sustainable fuels" has not yet come. Human caused "Global Warming" is a myth, and we have many years of fossil fuels still available at much lower cost per BTU than what can be found in ethanol from plant life. Yes, let's have research, but success in it now is not critical, if we are allowed to use the fossil fuels still readily on hand.
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Touchy Topics

Dave11130 Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 7:15 AM
Perhaps also invite Dr. Ben Carson?
I'm willing to bet that your neighborhood is less than 20% Muslim. That seems to be the trigger point where problems begin. Once that level has been reached or exceeded, then they start demanding changes leading to imposition of Shariah Law, only Halal food, degradation of women, etc. Below that level, they bide their time and lay low, seeming to be "normal" Americans.
I think we are already there.
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