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Obama Throws Fidel a Rope

Dave1091 Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 12:01 PM
Ditto the last line. And it is quite reasonable to add B. Hussein Obama to the insect list.
Please remember the real purpose of all bureaucracies: to enlarge and perpetuate itself. The function of fire departments, especially in Democrat-infested large metropolitan areas, is no longer to fight fire and save lives, but to enlarge a bloated union-protected bureaucracy, and to serve as a social engineering tool. It began years ago when the tests were dumbed down to allow blacks to pass, then points were gifted to minorities, to now the removal of requirements to pass physical agility tests rather than requiring the hiring of the best. So all the expectations had to be revised to compensate for the stupidity and physical weakness of the new force. Forget about entering a burning building; it's soon to be a thing of the distant past: too dangerous.
There will be no lawsuits. Since there is no statutory mandate for firemen to risk their lives to save anyone, the procedures have been changed so it is a risk-free job. No entering burning buildings, no heavy lifting, etc.
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