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And the problem with that would be...? Still waiting for an answer. Truthfully, the laws and constitution have been hijacked by the lawyers and courts from the rightful owners, We the People. For example, why is Loughner still alive? He should have had his trial and execution in the space of about one week. Same with all these nutjobs. It is a perversion of justice to delay a rightful penalty. But the courts have perverted justice from what was intended by those who devised our constitution and laws. We now have correctional justice rather than the original penal justice. Well, how's that working for you? I believe when justice is swift and sure, we would see crime of all sorts decline. And not until then.
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California’s One-Man Laffer Curve

Dave1091 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 3:58 PM
Actually, they do. Everyone just adjusts their productivity to as low as possible to pay less tax. In Communist countries there is no productivity at all. And you see more underground economy to avoud tax. In my own case I have an opportunity to purchase a business and increase my income. But I have to ask, Do I want to work much harder and pay much more in tax and borrow and invest in such an uncertain economy or be satisfied with what I have. Leaning toward the latter. So rather than my productivity increasing, government has caused me to do no more.
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