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That's the concept of bankruptcy. The assets of a dead or dying company like GM and Chrysler are made available to a ore flexible and innovative company. The liberals claim to believe in evolution but don't want anything to die, which is a major requirement of evolution, those that don't adapt must die so the species that do adapt can live. It's the same in economics, those that don't adapt die and those that do flourish.
The Volt is a great car. I hear they have a new ad planned with this as background music.
Gee, Secretary of the Treasury (I used Turbo-Tax) Geithner is taking care of his buddies instead fof the American people as he has sworn. I don't know how a person like that got into such an open, transparent and ethical administration.
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A Storied Presidency

DauTieng59 Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 5:23 PM
Yeah, but Jane said they didn't. lol
Because it's fine on the New Plantation.
All o.f the above were control bills and none of them worked Thse Civil Rights bill was pased by Republicans in the Congress with the Democrats voting against it.
It's too late you're lost.
BO has had four years to release his college documents, move left if you want but don't blame Romney or Bush for that matter.
I believe you are wrong when you say the bucks don't stop at the President's desk. That's where they all stop, it's the problems that aren't allowed in the neighborhood never mind the desk. It's always someone or something else's fault, headwinds, Bush, the Republican minority in the Senate, the Tea Party etc
Capitalism requires blood sacrifice the weak an incompetent companies must fail to free up the capital that would have been locked in the incompetent company. When the incompetent company goes bankrupt or out of business, their assets are available to the more competent companies and greater wealth is gotten through more efficient companies creating better returns.
He's coming to a neighborhood near you shortly. He has a Mayors for Gun Control going around the country trying to drum up support.
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