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They need to remember 1933 and exactly how wonderful the Soviets treated he Ukrainians. They took their que from the English in 1848.
Boards of Education need to look to Ronald Reagan and the striking Air Traffic Controllers as a precedent. There are thousands of recent college graduates looking foe ANY job and would stand in a line like they were giving away i-pods for a teacher's job. They might need a bit of time to get their teaching certificate but would probably do as well as a hackneyed teacher can.
Someone with a pleasant personality may just be a suck up. As Jefferson said about liberty it's a tempestuous sea. God bless liberty.
Imagine being killed in front of your co-op apartment that cost more than most of your fans would make in a lifetime.The left have a spotty memory system, they only remember what they want.
The ads should have "You light up my life" as the background music. Just mentioning on the more technologically capable than the people give it credit for." that is GM. lol
With the Volt, you don't need to carry flammable liquids with you the fire up on their own.
The sales are the best yet. The sales before were terrible and now they are not as terrible; still terrible but not as bad as before.
Michelle is F*ing tired of people calling her an angry woman and she's going to beat the begeeshes out of anyone that says that.
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The Candidates vs. the Bill of Rights

DauTieng59 Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 4:32 PM
He' from the Chicago Tribune, which I believe is in Chicago. Enough said. It is not the government's job to run everyone else's life for them as they have shown they can't even run a whorehouse and bar in Nevada and not bankrupt it.
That's the concept of bankruptcy. The assets of a dead or dying company like GM and Chrysler are made available to a ore flexible and innovative company. The liberals claim to believe in evolution but don't want anything to die, which is a major requirement of evolution, those that don't adapt must die so the species that do adapt can live. It's the same in economics, those that don't adapt die and those that do flourish.
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