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Will Obama Reluctantly Buy Into Base-Broadening Tax Reforms That Also Lower the Rates?

daunhin Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 11:40 AM
If, and that is a big IF, Obama does sign on to the GOP plan, rest assured that he will find a way to take all the credit, e.g., it was his idea all along, and continue to blame the GOP for all past, present and future economic failures. Obama – since he doesn't have any plan except the ruin of the U.S., is leading by ridiculing the opponent (GOP).

WASHINGTON - President Obama has been pleading with House Republican leaders lately to raise government revenues by overhauling the tax code to erase loopholes and other income exemptions.

It wasn't an idea he campaigned on last year, though the chairmen of his deficit reduction commission proposed doing just that in a report he shelved. But they also wanted to use the higher revenues to offset lowering the tax rates in order to boost economic growth, jobs and investment, which in turn would boost tax revenues and reduce the deficits.

But cutting tax rates doesn't play well with Democratic voters or...