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How China's President Is Earning A Nobel Peace Prize

daunhin Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 2:25 PM
What the media really seems to be missing - especially the left media - is the fact that yet another communist country is becoming more capitalist and the liberties that go hand-in-hand with capitalism are following hot on capitalism's heels. This is just more proof that socialism does not work. Why our socialist-in-chief and his minions can not see this is beyond me. Socialism equals tyranny. Capitalism equals liberty.

China appears to be on the verge of closing, or, at minimum, seriously reforming its 350 forced labor camps, together with injecting due process into its system. It is an historic development, one under-reported in the mainstream Western media. The New York Times and Reuters, but far too few other media, are on this story. This may turn out to be the world’s most important humanitarian development of the year, perhaps even of this young century.

The New York Times’s Andrew Jacobs, last December 15, was the first first-string reporter to catch the Tea Party-like popular groundswell against China’s...