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You are right. They, along with Christians, Muslims and Buddhist can be ridiculed. I will retract that part of my statement. I never said they had any right to have their meeting on private property. I said they have the right to practice their religion.
Once again, you make the assumption that I am talking about Progressive Liberals. I am talking about Satanist that you still assume are Progressive Liberals without even knowing them. Liberty includes the liberty to practice religion, regardless if it likes or dislikes Christ.
Herein lies the problem with labels and why I refuse to be labeled. I believe that it is possible for a Satanist to be a true patriot. A true patriot would give his life for his country and the foundation upon which it was founded. I do admit, however, that the only thing I know about Satanism is from the Bible, which I believe is a good bool to read, but not an inspired word of any god.
No, the fruits of Satanist.
Are they really evil? You quote your Bible. Yet your Bible means nothing to those who do not believe it to be the "word of god".
I don't know. I've not studied Satanism. I only know the propaganda from the Bible.
I believe "in the value of established and traditional practices in politics a practice and society". A part of the established and traditional practices in our politics (until recently anyway) if the freedom to ones religion without prosecution. Again, you assume that because one is a Satanist, they must be "Progressive Liberals". Can only Christians be conservatives?
Who am I to be for? Who am I to be against? I am for liberty. That liberty includes the unalienable right to practice - or no to practice - any religion or form thereof (as long as it does not harm humans) without being ridiculed, even if the practice offends another.
I love that quote and have used it many times myself. But I still have to ask, my counsel offend you?
I will also take on the GOP as they are more socialist today than they were when I joined the Army. Even though I abhor war I am willing to fight if the need arises. I also know that as long as man walks the face of this Earth that there will be wars.
I'm talking about the hypocritical stench of Christians calling those who disagree with them liberals when they haven't met, let alone personally know any of the Satanist.
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