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There is a very good reason for liberals to ignore the treatment of women in many islamic countries around the world, and to agree to silence those who speak out against it in politics and universities in the United States. Think about it. How would a rational American woman be able to take seriously the "War against women" argument pushed by the Democrats if they saw a comparison of their "inability to get birth control" to the genital mutilation, stoning, forced marriage and enforced ignorance of women living under islamic rule. It makes Sandra Fluke look pathetic and narcissistic - in other words - it shows her, and her liberal cohorts, as the elitist jerks they are.
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Intellectual Dishonesty

Daune Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 8:25 AM
What I really wish someone would point out is that these "poor stupid victims" have a powerful weapon against the religious views of a company like Hobby Lobby - go work for someone else. They are not slaves and if having someone else pay for their birth control is that important to them - then get a job with a company that provides insurance with that coverage. That way we ALL get to keep our religious views, and those poor pathetic slobs like Sandra Fluke can get "free birth control" so she can add sluttiness to her basic idiocy.
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The Boneless Wonder Works Magic in Ukraine

Daune Wrote: Mar 01, 2014 8:18 AM
The media wouldn't hear even if we told them - they're too busy listening to the seductive whispers of Pelosi and Reid in the communal bed.
My guess is that the councilwoman has a buddy in a grocery store chain. Handing him, or her, an already developed property will no doubt result in any number of benefits for the councilwoman, not to mention serious financial report in future elections.
But ARE they breeding?? What with on demand abortion, and free birth control - I can't imagine that they are doing much besides have procreation free sex?
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The Liberal 'Least Productive' Complaint

Daune Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 8:03 AM
Imagine :) Good dreams to have...
I'm pretty sure the loons don't appreciate being associated with liberals - especially Charlie Rangel.
Want a list of people who lack humility? Let's start with the #1 lacker of humility - Barack Obama. then go down the list of politicians of the progressive bent who are all certain they know how to fix the world's problems by controlling our thoughts and behavior. Ransom's lack of humility is too far down the list to be noticed.
Well, that might be true, but it could be argued that they did save - sadly, they saved through an enforced taxation for SS and Medicare. Had that money been invested, or saved by individuals and invested, there would be no issue. There should be none now, but people were enticed into supposed security to be provided by the government. Still, since my generation paid taxes on income, on property, for SS, for medicare, and any number of other programs - I don't actually believe it is fair to drag out the false argument that we are imposing on the young. The sad thing is we have taken care of our elders, and the young, and in the middle did save what we could for ourselves. Now, we are treated as selfish and irresponsible by many of those we took care of from birth through college. And for what it's worth - I did save for my retirement, and worked, and paid my taxes. And voted for conservatives - and never supported the multitude of spending programs that the "caring progressives" pushed down our throats. But, I still resent being called a "burden" - and I don't consider anyone who paid the SS and medicare taxes for their entire working lives to be a burden as their retirement approaches. The burdens on society are those who push taxes, and spending, and then turn their backs on the people they have taken the money from when they are no longer the cash cows they were.
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