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I forgot. I believe it cost the govt more than $3 for every $1 in food stamps distributed
The food stamp program simply needs to be ended. Far more eggregious than the use for "junk foods" is the beaurocratic innefficiency of food stamp distribution and the govt employess involved in the program. The idea that food stamps aren't fungible (tradable for money or other goods) is ludicrous, I am told that they are freely used as currency in some neighborhoods. End the program. give them money, or give them nothing.
That concept, which I didn't question until recently, appears to have been proven wrong by the system set up in Finland. http://www.businessinsider.com/finland-education-school-2011-12?op=1
Slightly off topic, but low student/teacher ratios have not correlated well w performance. This is another myth perpetuated by the Unions. Good teachers w larger classes are better than mediocre teachers and smaller classes
"Altruism born as the fruit of faith it is a completely different experience for all parties, than an act of charity born out of guilt, appearances, force, etc." Not according to Rand. Altruism based on "religious grounds" is just as pernicious as guilt based altruism. Both, by definition, hold the individual subservient to others, and necessitate denial of self-worth.
Great link. The author shouldn't have wasted everyone's time basically saying, "I'm too lazy to actually do research and find Rand's clear writings on the subject, but i'll disagree w her anyway"
What is your plan to stop young girls from having sex? You seem to be against birth control, too. What is your plan to deal w unwanted children?
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