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Hey Ted. Get real, Who ever heard of a liberal resigning.
The regime is guiding the world to destruction. Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it?
Who gives a c-rap about the main stream media? They are worst than the clintons.
I'm done with townhall. If some white trash having a baby is the only news they can come up with.
Damn! I wish i could understand the psychology of humans
If earth explodes tonight good riddance.
I am postulating an hypotheses that humans will always seek what is profitable to themselves at the expense of the rest of society.
Humans are hostile toward each other. It is the natural order.
You don't understand a blooming thing. What's happening has nothing to do with healtcare.
I'm making a study and what I have found is no matter what you think or what you say, the majority of people who post replies to comments are hostile. Try this, I wish you were all healthy, rich and beautiful and or handsome. Let's see how many people hate me.
A cipher is it some kind of algorithm to define an outcome?
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