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Nothing Can Change Who We Are as Americans, but bama keeps trying. he has turned the government into a have for idiots, psychos, criminals, communists, perverts, liars and other assorted scum.
Has every Benghazi question been asked?
My dog is more intelligent than those #@x$#!
When you have a lawless criminal organization running the country, what would you expect?
Very slippery slope. Be careful what you say. The speech police can come after you. Blacks have no idea what kind of monster they are creating.
Do the libs have a word parsing handbook? What the meaning of is is.
Hey Ted. Get real, Who ever heard of a liberal resigning.
The regime is guiding the world to destruction. Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it?
Who gives a c-rap about the main stream media? They are worst than the clintons.
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