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Is it okay if we do that in that order?
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Video: Reporters Skewer Carney

Dat1guy Wrote: May 15, 2013 9:35 AM
Yeah, twice in the same election.
Well. That sounds 200% better than the way the Occupy crowd was showing their colors. They are the opposite of the TEA Party, aren't they?
It's easy to say you don't know anything when you don't go to your info meetings.
While Poetic, I can't stoop that low. Whatever justice is met here - I don't think it will enough to appease the God sending down the Souls into those infants. Somehow that gives me a minute amout of pity for him. Very minute.
Is there something else to "catch" him doing?
Sir, Your Fair tax sounds like some sort of sales tax, so let's assume it is. The one downside I haven't been able to reconcile myself to is the crushing effect it will have on charities. Or would it? Does anyone know? The IRS agents (I almost went that way) that are good at what they do would become part of the infrastructure of fair (sales?) tax collection anf tracking. The medium skilled (respectively speaking) could go work for the post office and maybe with their numberic skills - it might get closer to breaking even.
Simplicity: Gee, when his constituents screw up in their jobs - they have their pay docked, unless they can’t afford it and then they get canned. So let’s dock his pay – how much is each lie and life worth? Oh, that much? I guess they need to be canned.
Speak for yourself.
Where's Lex Luther when we need him? (tongue in cheek)
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