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And you must be a liberal. You can tell by how you handle an agruement. You go straight to name-calling. So Juvenile.
Now we just need a poll showing how much of his support is because "He's a brother."
Not with all the c r a p coming out of the POTUS's mouth.
Shh! His NSA is probably reading this and I really don't need them to have more votes.
Why can't the pro-abortion folk (a sub set of the pro-choicers) understand that we prefer the consequences?
If I believed this was about race, I'd be thrilled. The community crying "racist" would be finally be going after someone besides the whites. Finally they would be less racist themselves. That has to be awesome progress on some microscopic level, right?
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Hollywood Star Embraces Incest

Dat1guy Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 9:38 AM
Sorry, we aren't talking about marriage. We are speaking about intercourse. In that light I see no difference between intercourse between siblings/family members and same gender individuals - especially if procautions are taken to prevent children. One cannot be justified without proving the validity of the other.
Two words: Go Ryan.
Where's the update to this story that says the school wised up?!? Town Hall, please stay on top of it.
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