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Despite Gowdy doing a great job, the unspoken message that all these clowns have gotten from a higher power is to deny, deny, deny. Congressional subpoena? Meh. Records? Meh. Hard drives? Meh. Transparent admin? As transparent as the Mississippi river in New Orleans.
That's weird. Sarah mentioned Haggar the other day when she got pulled over for speeding in Wassila. "I can't drive 55!" Oops. Wrong Sara and Haggar. Maybe a smile for the day. Or not.
Well, after reading a few of the posts, it appears that the huffpo trolls/lib Israel haters are out this morning. Pointless to try to engage them as they are only trying to trip up those that bother with their senseless rants. Sounds like they might be anti-semites.
Well, I'm surprised and shocked that the conservative pundits are losing it over the lyin' king's response. Just SOP for the lyin' king. Make some inane comments about something he doesn't have all the info on. And, what are we gonna do "if" the shoot down is tied to the Kremlin? Send a strongly worded letter to Putin hand delivered by VN war hero john f'n kohn-heinz-kerry? Nah. The lyin' king will want to "Get to the bottom of this "tragedy". Probably the Kremlin will have had a computer crash with all data lost.
So............. How long before "mares against anything we like" or their subsidiary "moms looking for a little 'action'" develop a new plan of attack? You can either have the children or the guns in the house. Not both? Nah. They'll just stick to their "gun violence messaging guide. Seen here.
On the other hand, we have to give credit to the military psych folks. Tremendous strides in treating these folks. I mean, 5 years of daily "torture/indoctrination" at the hands of the muzzies and it only took, what 5 or 6 weeks to straighten him out. Amazing huh. I'm shocked that there is any PTSD at all with these kind of advances in the psych methodology. Or somebody is shoveling manure at an alarming rate.
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Illegals Walk In

dashersdad Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 9:20 AM
Helloooo! I'm thinkin' the money will to go to moonbeam brown to extend the proposed Cali high speed rail down in to central meh-eek-O to expedite the trip. But I do have another thought too. Will Boston have to quit using the nickname "bean"town if the word bean(er) offends some of the new arrivals? I believe it only takes about 2% of the population being offended to make the other 98% do what they don't want to do. Weird huh?
LOL! Who ever thought that being boring could garner such a fee. OMG! I guess my calling in life was for naught. Even on my worst day I couldn't be as boring as scupper lip. At least the fees got to a charitable cause to be used wisely. LOLOLOLOL! The clinton charitable trust.
Sad to say but, with all the internal BS going on in the gopE, I am no longer very optimistic that so called conservatives will take the senate this Nov. The fire that was once (at least flaming) looks like it has backed off to some smoldering embers at this point. Toss in the uncaring attitude(as portrayed by the lap dog media) about the poor starving children (up to age 26?) trying to cross the border and it looks like pos hairy reid-iculous is safe once again. Sad durn state of affairs. More effort being expended to control US citizens and their protests than securing the border. WTF?
I like to think of them as either invaders or at the very least trespassers. Actually I don't really like to think of them. Children my big red butt.
Hmmm. How about the owners of Hobby Lobby (Love me some Hobby Lobby) one day came to the conclusion that the cost of providing health care coverage is no longer viable for their bottom line and cancel health care coverage for their employees. Then, the employees could find one of many useless fauxbama care health plans to join. How marvelous would that be? Then who would the libs/progs/socialists/commies/dimokkkrats have to complain about? I guess it was during WW II that employer paid health care coverage was fist instituted due to the inability to give raises. There's no RIGHT to health care from you employer. I don't think the Hobby Lobby employees are the ones complaining. Hey libs/progs/socialists/commies/dimokkkrats---------------LUTFA!
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