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I think Ft. Marcy Park was closed for, uh, remodeling.
Administrations response: "Yeah, and what do you think you're gonna do about it? Lotsa love, Eric."
Good thing that we've turned the corner isn't it? I mean just a couple weeks ago the lyin' kng said that there isn't a single segment of the economy that isn't better off today than it was 6 years ago. You believe right? Not so much huh?
LOL! Well, currently "they" only produce the scientific data sets that prove their need to do what "they" do. That ain't gonna change so, yup, cut their budget if you have the gonadal fortitude to do it. I'm guessin' not. Maybe john grubby gruber could give them a helping hand on further selling snake oil.
I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Washington legislators will be on CHRISTMAS recess during this time frame so, why do it when there's nobody there? Wait until they reconvene in January. I wish them a lot of luck in any case. Looks like the only thing that will slow this catastrophe down will be some sort of law suit. Heads up Nevada. The same players have until tonight to submit there signature gathering for a similar initiative.
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Why Mark Begich is Refusing to Concede

dashersdad Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 11:56 AM
LOL! You forget. If there is a 100% turnout, the opposition will have 105% just to shut us up. They've managed to do it before....................
As much as I like Dr. Carson, I'm not convinced he's the guy. Not yet anyway. As with other folks, if you are immersed in a particular field or endeavor, you may not have a broader range of knowledge about the world and how things work. In other words, I'd rather have someone who knows a little about a wide range of things than the opposite. As long as that person is capable of clear conscious thoughts and reasoning, that would work for me. Maybe one reason I like Clarence Thomas. When he's not performing with the Supreme's, he's out cruising the countryside talking to all manner of folks. But, he may just be an RV fanatic and no more. :>}
Now that's diversity at work. Hmmmmm. Wait a sec. Are we sure that's not al "not so" sharpton in drag? Kinda looks like him now that he's lost so much weight.
Just another "Uncle Tim" sucking up to his massa. At least to the naacp.
"And we're not going to bother to look either. So, what are you gonna do about it?" And yet, if a "reporter" fails to reveal a source, the courts have no problem slamming them in to a cell. Weird huh?
Uh, dhimmiokkkrat/incompetent. Not sure I see much difference there. Vote for a 1%'r cause she really, really cares about you. Sadder yet is that she has the amount of support she has. Same thing in FL only worse. How can charlie the chameleon be nearly tied Rick Scott? Maybe because charlie has seen all sides of the political spectrum since he's declared himself a member of just about all of them.
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