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'Specially since she was a big time sympathizer with the anti-Jewish factions. Along the same lines a rachael corie. I guess you gotta pick which "humanitarian" cause you support and go with it. For the lyin' king, nothing interferes with him enjoying himself.
Maybe that they are still touting the climate change money making scam that is offensive to anybody with a scintilla of intelligence.
Header as it should read: White House Is A Bigger Threat To National Security Than Terrorism Or So Called BS Said To Be Climate Change There. That's much better than some random shoot out in gay paris.
Good luck with it. But, have no doubt that nanny bloomers and moms will sooner or later be heading Colorado's way with an I-594 type petition/initiative just like they've done here in Nevada. Colorado has an initiative/referendum process in place and the IPOS will buy their spiel just like they did here. For ref to states that have an I&R process in place, here is a site to go to.
Well, good luck kids. No matter what "facts" you have, mz. lynch will get pushed through as the new, and worse than eric the red, attorney general. Can't wait to hear her tales of woe about being pulled over on the NJ turnpike because she's black.
I've decided that they shall be henceforth called IPOS*. Still see cars wearing their little badge of honor on the back bumpers from both campaigns. *Ignorant Pieces Of Scat (or sub your own choice of "S" word)
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Confirmed: Barbara Boxer to Retire

dashersdad Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 11:09 AM
Is there any way to get he to go early and take difi with her? Then again, what new crop of horror will the left coast foist upon us as replacements? Probably impossible to get an actual conservative (s)elected as LRU's. (is there such a thing anymore?)
Jihadists? I believe the appropriate terminology per the white house and the lyin' king would be merely "disgruntled immigrants".
Hand smack to forehead. Duh. If the newly (s)elected congress refuses to or doesn't act "appropriately, then the most obvious claim to be made for the '16 (s)elections is "We've tried, but the gop-e wants to deny/roadblock your 'right' to a free education". Almost missed the train on that one it's so obvious. And the IPOS* will buy that hook line and sinker. *Ignorant Pieces Of Scat (or sub your own "S" word if you like.
Free? For somebody but not actual makers. Same old makers vs. takers. This reminds me of folks who are "required" to volunteer for community service. Even a mandatory task to graduate from a lot of high schools these days. I seem to recall in the not to distant past that folks who were convicted of minor offenses were sentenced to "community service". Gets weirder and weirder. Still waiting for directive 10-289 to come out. (Atlas Shrugged) Happy New Year to all-------
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Obama’s Shattered Presidency

dashersdad Wrote: Jan 05, 2015 10:16 AM
Maybe LL meant this economy Sadly the IPOS* will not take kindly to anything conservatives do in the next two years and there are several gop-e senate seats up for grabs in '16. *Ignorant Pieces Of Scat
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