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Sheesh. Can't these assclowns make up their minds. Well, I guess we all know better. Maybe they could have a "name that issue" write in campaign for the chirruns. The winner gets to go to ha-vahd for free. (Just to visit for the weekend). My choice for the name is "Glow-Bull Discombobulation". That should cover nearly everything.
Seems like sometime late in the evening on Nov 4th 2014, the gop-e will be going "Huh! What happened? I thought we had this in the bag." Actual conservatives will just shake their heads in disgust as hairy screed maintains his 'POS'ition in the senate. Then they can get back down to business of getting absolutely noting done for the next two years and still blame the republicrats. Freakin' bizzaro world. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again. With any luck, they'll run mittens again and the lyin' king will get enough write in votes that he can declare himself (p)resident for an unlawful 3rd term. Not legal? He don't care.
Good thing we have john f'n kohn-heinz-kerry as secstate. Pretty certain he'll "force" them to sign a proclamation stating they will never, ever, ever, ever use their training or weapons against the U.S. under any circumstances so help them al-lah. No, really. Maybe even have them swear on the koran too. That should settle everybody down who fears the opposite. Look how well it worked in A-stan.
And surprise, surprise, surprise. Seems that there are rumblings of congress adjourning with in the next week or so until after the Nov. selections. Guess that would/could kinda toss a monkey wrench in the to gear box of the hearings. Strange huh? Is congress trying to one up the lyin' king on vacation time?
Hmmmm. Maybe we could work out some sort of exchange for ray "chocolate city" nagin. Somebody call john f'n kohn-heinz-kerry.
I believe it is now "C-uhO2". Scary dang stuff. Mixed with dihydrogen monoxide it can make you all warm and "fizzy". And how come nobody calls out all the soft drink makers and fire extinguisher makers..........
I got a message for bankee moon and all the participants..... #sand!
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Green Markets

dashersdad Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 8:41 AM
If we're talking land as private property, it doesn't exist any longer. The city/county/state "allows" you to maintain a piece of land as long as you pay your taxes. See how quick it becomes their property if you don't. You may be mortgage free but "the man" still controls your future. Sorry dang state of affairs.
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Obama AWOL Again - On Energy Terrorism

dashersdad Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 8:44 AM
LOL! A coherent anything from the lyin' king would be surprising. Would it be more newsworthy if "they" report when he is actually on the job, which is rarely? He's awol the majority or the time leaving Iran's favorite daughter, gal pal val, to keep things, er, in turmoil.
Blatant Andrea Tantaros posting. I agree with her. Now, what did she say?
The mere fact that charlie "the chameleon" crist has any traction at all in this election says a lot about the transplants to FL over the past several years. And it ain't good.
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