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Where Open Carry Is Legal And Illegal

dashersdad Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 8:34 AM
LOL! I was "hatched" at BNH in '47 and spent all of 3 days in MD. Don't believe I've been back since then. Guess I'm not missin' anything.
Yup. That's how they end up getting purpler and purpler. Some red states were leaning red then the new residents move in, say, "That's not how we did it in XXX." and vote in didiots to change their new location to be more like their old location. Basically, a change of scenery for them. Others have the curse of major population centers controlling the election outcomes and giving the rural folks little to no voice. Hmmmm. Maybe that's why we have an electoral college.
When it does happen, those that have been steadily undermining the country, will probably still say we had it coming for meddling in everybody's business for all these years. No thought of keeping a lot of the world free from evil will matter to them. There are some you just can't convince that evil exists. Even when the grim reaper is knocking at the door.
Yee Haw! At least he wasn't running guns while DUI.
LOL! He was ON the Christmas card list?
S/ on. We know that the federal ME(who I think is actually an ME from NYC) will be able to do a more uh, thorough job of finding the bullet wounds in the back as claimed by the witnesses. S/ off
Wait, what? What the heck is "concealed open carry"? Besides which, just try to legally posses own a firearm in d.c.
No, the "idiots" comment was intended for the nation as a "hole" since we apparently don't have the gonads to actually secure the borders. The rest was meant to be sarcastic. Prayers to the agents family regardless.
Uh, pardon me. You didn't see the signs leading you outside to the trunk of the "78 Caddie? We all know where this is gonna go. Besides, the fee is only $200.00. :>}
Yup. And we're gonna be paying the freight for this POS clown for years to come. Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn't it.
"....Javier Vega Jr., was shot execution-style...". Who comes up with this tripe? What if the also "hated" him because he was a Border Patrol Agent? Why don't they just say "gangland style", or "gangster style"? Adding stupid descriptors like this doesn't make the act any more heinous. Next we'll find out they obtained the weapons from Fast and Furious Pt. II. Or maybe at a gun show where submachine guns can be found for $59.95? Next comes the Texas justice part if and when captured. They'll claim they weren't allowed access to the Mexican consulate or something and they'll slide. Absolutely disgusting and absurd that we can't gather up enough sack to control the border. Totally unacceptable. Meanwhile in d.c. the cries of "FORE" can be heard echoing across the links. We are.......idiots.
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