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....and thus nearly locking up a win for whichever dimokkkrat is running. But who'd know the difference. The radical left wing socialist demokkkrat scumbags hate the bushes almost as much as they hate Sarah Palin. And they really have no clue who these people are other than what the lsm tells them to believe. Sorry state of affairs.
Typical emotionally disturbed hopolophobe.(sp?) No amount of evidence/facts will ever convince these type people. Just another bunch of "gun control nazis" wanting to control your every move.
No doubt hairy reid-iculous will simply point out that this is a common tactic used by "un-Americans" to mislead people and distract them from the evil Koch brothers plans to bring the country down. Could also just shout: "Look. A squirrel!". You go hairy. If anybody knows about being un-American, you've got the market cornered.
Sounds like a job for that famous "observer" and his empty suitcases....................the man from Plains Georgia.................jimmmmaaahhhhh catahhhhhhhhhhh. Come on down jimmah. Free plane ride for ya and someone else will pick up your bags for ya. If we can't send the worst president, we can at least send the runner up.
Me thinks he (the "lyin' king") has the brilliant statesman jimmah cartah on speed dial.
Hmmm! Make way for 6000+ new inmates for being in possession of "prohibited" parts.
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Putin recognizes Crimean independence

dashersdad Wrote: Mar 18, 2014 9:06 AM
Looks like the "lyin' king" is getting mad now cause I coulda sworn I read something last night about jojo "foot in mouth" biden heading over there in the next day or so. Hey, maybe he'll take his shotgun with him and fire a couple shots in the air to let Putin know "we mean business". Failing that I suppose jimmah cartah could go and oversee the balloting. Foreign policy? What foreign policy? Sack? What sack?
Because the "evil" Koch brothers think that folks ought to be in charge of taking care of themselves thus disagreeing with the "lyin' king" and his minions. Gotta remember that equality/justice/diversity/etc. goals are a one way street and we're drivin' the wrong on the boulevard of hope and change.
Seems that might be his only "redeeming quality" in the eyes of the "lyin' king" and his buddies at MAIGgots and "moms lookin' for a little 'action'". He needs to be blocked and sent back to wherever he came from. I already sent notice to my 2 senators. One decent the other the head cheese in the senate so we'll see.
Need to contact your senatorial reps and let them know in no uncertain terms that "mr. docs against glocks" needs to be booted to the curb just like yaba-dabo dingleberry was.
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