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Sad to say but, with all the internal BS going on in the gopE, I am no longer very optimistic that so called conservatives will take the senate this Nov. The fire that was once (at least flaming) looks like it has backed off to some smoldering embers at this point. Toss in the uncaring attitude(as portrayed by the lap dog media) about the poor starving children (up to age 26?) trying to cross the border and it looks like pos hairy reid-iculous is safe once again. Sad durn state of affairs. More effort being expended to control US citizens and their protests than securing the border. WTF?
I like to think of them as either invaders or at the very least trespassers. Actually I don't really like to think of them. Children my big red butt.
Hmmm. How about the owners of Hobby Lobby (Love me some Hobby Lobby) one day came to the conclusion that the cost of providing health care coverage is no longer viable for their bottom line and cancel health care coverage for their employees. Then, the employees could find one of many useless fauxbama care health plans to join. How marvelous would that be? Then who would the libs/progs/socialists/commies/dimokkkrats have to complain about? I guess it was during WW II that employer paid health care coverage was fist instituted due to the inability to give raises. There's no RIGHT to health care from you employer. I don't think the Hobby Lobby employees are the ones complaining. Hey libs/progs/socialists/commies/dimokkkrats---------------LUTFA!
But, according to the lyin'king, they're just some guys from the neighborhood.
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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

dashersdad Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 10:49 AM
Yup. A company that "forces" it's workers to take off on Sunday so they can cling to thier bibles. Good for HL and Chik-fil-A for their beliefs. Shame on the 4 known suspects that dissented on the ruling. I can already hear hairy reid-iculous cranking up the rhetoric. Kind of a narrow ruling but maybe it's a foot in the door for further action. I don't want to pay for any more condoms for sandy fluke.
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No Denying Climate Change Deniers

dashersdad Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 8:44 AM
You mean kinda like the 4 times a day (or is it 5) massacres that occur at kindergartens all over the country by evil errant AR-15 assault machine gun shoulder thingy goes up pistol grip 9,000 rd clips honest journalism? That kind of exaggeration? I don't think you are allowed to use "blow them out" as a phrase anymore since it appears to be violent. ;>}
So, what you're sayin is that the lyin'king is now gonna be able to practice his skeet shooting and go "serfin'" at the same time? On a more serious note, isn't there anyone with enough money to open "The 2nd Amendment Bank of the US"? Not that the regulators wouldn't be all over them at every turn.
LOL! You seem to forget that the opinion of these arrogant elitists is that we peons are just too stupid to know these things. It may sell to the no/low info types but there are a few folks out here who are a lot smarter than the smartest liar around. I have no doubt that if my computer crashed and the govt wanted to get data off of it they could do it with little effort. Unless of course it's in the Mariana Trench somewhere. Dang boating accidents.
If you notice, this comes from "former executive" so is easily dismissed as just something said by a disgruntled employee. See how easy that would be. If they ever address it at all. Here is a link to the "gun violence messaging guide" that is out there.
My wallet gets a little cumbersome carrying around my driving permit for 57 different states.
Unless b.o. (the lyin' king) has turned on the evening news, he may not know about this yet.
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