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Hmm, vague and confusing wording. Sounds like someone was using the "PREVENTING GUN VIOLENCE THROUGH EFFECTIVE MESSAGING" guide book at: http://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/748675/gun-violencemessaging-guide-pdf-1.pdf
Apparently that act worked on one former Navy officer(a disgrace to the uniform)/ex-asstronaut(disgrace to his flight suit) since it appears that he's been emasculated. Yes, mx. potato head mark kelley-giffords is the puppet master despite having any gonadal fortitude. Maybe too much space time.
Sadly, the American public has, in general, absolutely no clue about any of this. In more important news, back at the karducheian residence.......... Meanwhile, in New Jersey, one of the cast members was found guilty of fraud........... In the latest episode of Dr. Drue........ Meanwhile in Colorado, teaching history with a touch of patriotism has been banned.......... US troops will not be allowed to by cigarettes or any tobacco products as of.......... The push to legalize marijuana continues to make progress......... Will America wake up or sit idly by waiting on their ebt cards.
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Sad News: Jon Huntsman Passes on 2016

dashersdad Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 12:04 PM
Uh, so okay. The huntsman family has done some nice work. No go though. Now, when are jebers, mittens and crispy creme gonna announce they pass on '16 and get out of the way so the ever brilliant gop can start(yes I said START) looking for a conservative to support. Oh. Never mind. How silly of me. The gop-e won't be fronting a true conservative any time soon. Probably be another hold your nose and vote against the dem (hildebeast) [s]election.
"The US is More Barbaric than ISIS!". Make it so Mr. Sulu. Kirk out.
Now we get to add other fine upstanding citizens like mumia and calypso louis and huey newton and groups like the black panthers (the old version soon to replaced by the NEW version) al sharpton, jessa jackshun, jimmy cartah and various others who do NOT have the best interests of this country in their hearts. But, that's what you get when you have a "free" country.
Sad to say, a lot of this unbelievable garbage goes on all the time. We have a niece who just started/is a freshman and some of the stuff that shows up on her facebook is pretty far out there.
LOL! It's the same old trick "they" have been using for years. Easier to ask to be forgiven for an "error in judgement" than to get permission in the first place.
Of course any attack on women who can be self sufficient and independent such as Sarah Palin or Joni Ernst or Gov. Martinez is A-OK. Right?
Sheesh. Can't these assclowns make up their minds. Well, I guess we all know better. Maybe they could have a "name that issue" write in campaign for the chirruns. The winner gets to go to ha-vahd for free. (Just to visit for the weekend). My choice for the name is "Glow-Bull Discombobulation". That should cover nearly everything.
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