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Anti-Second Amendment Brady Campaign Defends Eric Holder

dashersdad Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 10:17 AM
Euro-American.................WHAT? Well in that case, I'm all for it! LMAO! WOW free internet. Of course when it's "free" they can regulate the crap out of it even more. What a world, what a world! Helping keep mankind warm for 65 years.

If Operation Fast and Furious wasn't about pushing for more gun control, then why is the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a group with strong oppositions to the Second Amendment, coming to Attorney General Eric Holder's defense? Brady Campaign President Dan Gross issued a statement slamming Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Speaker John Boehner for moving forward to hold Holder in criminal and civil contempt of Congress this week. Gross did not mention the vote was bipartisan, 17 Democrats voted for criminal contempt and 21 voted for civil contempt.

“As House Oversight Chairman Darrell...