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Too bad, they're still #1 most watched news program in the country! I'll bet you think MSNBC is the truth.
Fox and CNN are on about the same level of opposing bias. MSNBC is on a whole lower level. Like something you would scrape off of your shoe.
When they do the remake of "Forrest Gump", Al Gore should play the lead. He won't even have to act.
Interesting... Since Adams mother was the first person he killed before going over to the school, at what point did she make that statement?
My correction... The weapon looks like a Bushmaster ACR on closer examination. You're are correct in your statement as that particular weapon cannot be owned by civilians unless they have a NFA manufacturers license, because they were not produced before 1986.
Don't give them any ideas. Great Britain banned keeping baseball bats in their homes after somebody killed another person with one.
It's called a "3gun" competition (rifle, shotgun, handgun) and they're held all over the country (not sure about the Socialist Republic of California though). The ironic part is that the weapon that is best suited for women to operate is the AR, (light weight, very little recoil, excelent ergonomics and easy to handle) is the weapon that you are the most afraid of.
Assuming you don't live in a state that forbids it. Yes, you can own a automatic weapon if you go through the 6 month to a year long federal, state and local background checks and purchase a $200 federal tax stamp. And then you can take approx. $25,000 and up and try to locate a registered lower receiver for a M16 produced before 1986. The video shows it is a M16 by the shape of the lower and magazine well area, with a modified upper.
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