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With rights come responsibilities! This should indeed always be mentioned.
We don't want a religious dictatorship! For evidence look at our last two centuries of freedom here! There will one day be one Man on the Throne with His co-kings ruling the entire world---but not yet! Better get right with Him today! He's coming to take over and all will change...
Public restrooms and public schools often have much in common!
Over-educated people often can't see the forest for the trees---they are lost in the darkness of their unregenerate minds, unfortunately---"alienated from the life of God bc of the hardness of their hearts."
Amen! Liberals are misguided, ill- informed, and unthankful for this great Country--they should seriously consider moving out of here to Europe...
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The Sting, in Four Parts

Daryl53 Wrote: Dec 21, 2013 11:18 PM
"Obama has the magic to make words mean almost anything." I was intrigued to notice that the coming Antichrist will be "skilled in ambiguities." Dan. 8:23 This is to speak in such a manner that his word could be interpreted in many different ways. Of course, Obama stepped out of character when he promised that you could "keep your healthcare if you like it, period" 37 or more times. This has gotten him into the most trouble of his presidency.
...God gave them up to passions of dishonor; for their females exchanged the natural use for that which is contrary to nature; and likewise also the males, leaving the natural use of the female, burned in their craving toward one another, males with males committing unseemliness and fully receiving in themselves the retribution of their error which was due...those who practice such things are worthy of death...Romans 1:26,27,32
Also, I recently saw a documentary that tried to say that the reason the Japanese surrendered was not the A-bombs, but the Russian invasion of Manchuria and their fear of falling into the hands of the Russians.
Thank you for teaching the truth! I have sometimes wondered what would have happened had we gone after the Japanese Emperor directly such as with the Doolittle raid---perhaps you have some perspective on that. Would you say that he was equivalent to their god?
Yes, 30% of Japanese held POW's died compared to 5 % of German held POW's. My father, who was captured in the Philippines and eventually moved to Japan lost 1/2 of his body weight and would have no doubt died had the war not been shortened by the Bomb. Thank you to USMC and the Army/Air Force or I wouldn't be sitting here and writing this today!
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