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Anything coming out of Saudi is coming from King Abdullah. I have met King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia many times. He had a habit of coming through our offices on a regular basis to thank us for our work when I worked for the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu in Riyadh; he was Prince Abdullah at the time. He is one of the more intelligent people I have ever met and was his habit, I think his condemnation of the U.N. is understated. He and the entire Saudi royal family - and hence the Saudi oil fields - are at extreme risk from the Muslim Brotherhood and their spawn. He has quietly engineered extremely radical social changes in Saudi ... like allowing women to drive. The Brotherhood will not tolerate his liberalism. The U.N. and the U.S. should listen to the most knowledgeable and experienced resident of that neighborhood as opposed to the Dip-Stick-In-Charge in the White House and his Muslim Brotherhood advisors.
Members of my family can mirror almost all the sad tales of what unions have done to loyal members and yet current union members still believe that it cannot or at least wont happen to them. The union thugs' involvement in all political activities are a frightening mirror image of the Sturmabteilung - Adolph Hitler's Brown Shirts. And I would believe that very few union members know that once Hitler was fully installed as dictator, the Brown Shirts were purged; many of them (those with too much knowledge) were summarily executed. Here are my thoughts on "Time For A Scorched Earth Policy" : http://www.facebook.com/notes/darwin-rockantansky/time-for-a-scorched-earth-policy/559668880726918 Darwin Rockantansky Las Vegas, Nevada
As a two combat tour Vietnam Vet I agree completely. What is more disconcerting is the minimal time between the moment when the Africa Corpse commander was relieved of command when he decided to ignore the stand down order. It smacks of a "shadow chain of command" which destroys our faith in our military. Darwin Rockantansky Las Vegas, Nevada
Useful Idiot? I think thy doth be too kind!
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Obama's Little Red Phrase

DarwinInVegas Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 2:42 PM
The Colorado incident is a tragedy for all involved and no tonnage of laws could have prevented it. In every land where private ownership of firearms is prohibited, the criminal element (i.e. anyone who wants to get one) has no problem securing weapons - it is all a matter of cost and it is often less expensive to purchase weapons off the street than in the local gun shop. HOWEVER... my wife carries a compact .380 with a laser sight and could have taken the shooter out before he got off more than a very few shots thereby saving countless lives. The vast majority of gun owners stand with law enforcement and are as interested in protecting their neighbors as they are in protecting themselves. Darwin Rockantansky Las Vegas, Nevada
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