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If only the GOP had "not" sat around aloof / indifferent over the last 12 yrs or so while millions upon millions of high paying, private sector manufacturing/IT/Call Center jobs were shipped overseas. If only Mitt Romney would have publicly/passionately pleaded with corporate America to stop the hemorrhaging of good paying US jobs overseas. We're talking non-union/non-govt jobs here. If he had, he'd have easily won on 11/6/12. This is where the GOP is so horribly disconnected and why it can't win elections of any significance. And why the sinister unions are now high-fivin' & doing their victory dance in the inzone. Dave
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Political Parties Need Rebranding

Darvin Dowdy Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 8:44 AM
I think Phyllis nails it here. Its the rabid free-trader internationalist in the GOP that are killing us. It began with Bush 41 and his new world order. Even Tea-Party stalwarts such as Demint and Rubio have turned their backs on the Tea Party b/c they've never met a Free Trade Agreement that they didn't like. The majority of working Americans, wisely, do not trust FTA's. Until the GOP re-connects with the blue-collar Reagan Democrats and Middle America, it will continue in its epic fail. DD
Jonah, how dare you let GWB off of the hook. He and K. Rove did more damage to the Republican Party than Richard Nixon. Much more.
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Don't Blame Romney

Darvin Dowdy Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 7:37 AM
right-of-center punditry/talk radio carries a lot of the blame here. You, Ann, and they have lost most of the impact that you all once had. You've become irrelevant. Why? Because with your success you've (et al - Limbaugh/Hannity/Beck) have become disconnected with voting populace. You rattle on and on about the wicked left over and over and over ad nauseum, telling us what we already know. Failing to analyse the GOP and where they moved off course. DD
Romney should just make the statements that he wants/needs to make and ignore their questions.
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A Godless Party Expels the Creator

Darvin Dowdy Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 7:25 AM
there is a real shortage of Pastors who teach from the original Greek/Hebrew transcripts. Why? Because it takes years of preperation and work to learn to read/speak these ancient languages. Most young pastors are to lazy and fall back on pumping their congregations up on feel-good emotions, etc. That's why we're spiraling down as a nation. People walk around confused and with poor judgement b/c they're not getting true Bible doctrine.
and they're using the profits to build a kick-as military - to use against us one day.
I hope Akin stands his ground, makes no apologies and ignores the MSM and GOP Establishment.
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Paul Ryan: Obama 'Doormat' to China

Darvin Dowdy Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 11:21 AM
that's encouraging but doesn't go nearly far enough. There are many on our GOP side that are also in bed with China. Additionally, China is building deep water ports along the west coast of Mexico so they can utilize cheap Mexican labor, cheap Mexican truckers and ship their goods into the US bypassing US ports and truckers. This needs to be addressed and dealt with asap.
This is how people on our side waste their time. Big deal. Joe Biden produced another gaffe. Front page news!! The sad truth is that BHO remains slightly ahead in most polls. Those on our side that have been blessed with a bully pulpit had best put that to better use and try to figure out why the GOP ticket, even with Ryan, is still lagging.
the Romney camp needs to stop pandering to small business and the entrepreneur. Thats not going to work for them. America want the return of large industry/manufacturing and the high paying jobs that go with it.
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