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And all of them "combined" can't put the GOP Humpty Dumpty back together again so that Conservative candidates can dominate in the political arena. Fairly poor showing for these 25. A huge reduction in the impact that they all have. Movement Conservatives need to do some intense self analysis. We've become disconnected.
yes, Sarah. Lets get this new political party in the works....
Sarah the GOP has become the wh 0re. of the US Chamber and Corporate America. Those who've become addicted to low-wage 3rd world slave labor. Those who are feverishly trying to offshore as many US jobs as they can. Those that they can't offshore? Well they're trying to maintain the open-borders status quo and keep the flow of cheap, illegal labor coming - uninterrupted. This is the massive disconnect between the GOP and middle America.
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Economics vs. 'Need'

Darvin Dowdy Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 8:40 PM
One factor that is missing here is - mechanization (already available in most cases). Many farmers are too cheap or to resistant to change when it comes to plant/harvest mechanization. Mechanized solutions will come to pass "slower" if we continue to allow the cheap labor across the border. We need to force farmers to come kicking/screaming into the 21st century. After all we did give them a huge "gift" in the form of the Corn Ethanol Program. Quadrupling the price of corn and other grains. Farmers are driving Escalades as a result. They owe us.
I'm strongly considering re-joining the Heritage Foundation. Used to be a member "but" in the past they endorsed open borders, offshoring of US jobs and reckless free trade agreements. So I quit. So far I like the direction Demint is steering HF. He's showing real courage. Still too early to tell, however.
Ann knocks it out of the park here. Its time for the citizens of this nation to return to its Nationalist roots. Its refreshing to finally hear some of our conservative pundits speak on issues that really matter. Long dry spell for Ann but good to have her back on course...
Toomey is a Rino with a very good/convincing Tea Party costume. Always has been.
yea! who needs wars? When folks come here and crash airplanes into our buildings and murder 3000 innocents, we should just understand that we brought that on ourselves. We horrible Americans are getting what we deserve. Yea! Besides how could we possibly ask our self-serving young people to interrupt their hedonistic lifestyles and put on a uniform and serve their country? As their forefathers have. That would be too much to ask. Yea!
most youngsters who call themselves Ron Paul libertarians actually lean a little too much towards anarchism. Its a dangerous direction for the GOP (and Movement Conservatives) to venture in. Is Ms Borowski the best that FreedomWorks and Mr Koch can come up with? I'm glad I refrained from becoming a member. It shows me that they are in a state of desperation / anxiety. Clueless and disconnected. Our downward spiraling GOP is proof of that.
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