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A Godless Party Expels the Creator

Darvin Dowdy Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 7:25 AM
there is a real shortage of Pastors who teach from the original Greek/Hebrew transcripts. Why? Because it takes years of preperation and work to learn to read/speak these ancient languages. Most young pastors are to lazy and fall back on pumping their congregations up on feel-good emotions, etc. That's why we're spiraling down as a nation. People walk around confused and with poor judgement b/c they're not getting true Bible doctrine.
The authors of the Democratic platform have inadvertently revealed to the world the sea change that has taken place in that party we once knew.

For the first time -- and in the longest Democratic platform in history, 26,000 words -- there was not a single mention of God, the Creator, whom Thomas Jefferson himself, father of the party, proclaimed to be the author of our right to life and liberty.

The convention had approved the new platform, but when a firestorm erupted, a panicked Barack Obama hastily ordered "God" reinstated.

But when the amendment...