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The reason for using a foreign company is to make the tracking of where the money went much harder. The DNC and other progressive political money laundering front organizations will experience "record levels of contributions" over the next 3 years.
There is nothing wrong with these progressives that can't be solved with 20 feet of rope.
Willful facilitation of murder, no other explanation!
Too many corrupt liberals from Califonication move to Colorado, that's what happened.
This was in no way an act of incompetence, it's called "willful facilitation of murder", if anyone else (non-democrat) was this blatantly responsible they would go to prison to 10 to 30 years, But the sock puppet, Obama and his surrogate marxist mommy, Valery Jarrett may never be held responsible.
If the Mexican cartels can smuggle in 10s of thousands of people, tons of marijuana and cocaine, it is not implausible for a few determined terrorist to bring in several dozen missiles.
Many of them ended up in the Gaza Strip smuggling tunnels to be used against the Israelis, that is why the tunnels were bombed and flooded, that is one of the driving reasons the Egyptian military arrested Morsi and took power away from the Muslim Brotherhood. The world came very close to a war in the Middle East.
I often go for an evening stroll down the street of my neighborhood carrying an AK47 and several hundred rounds of ammo with a 60mm mortar in my backpack, don't you? I let he dog carry the RPGs.
The only casualties in the never ending wars on whatever is the American tax payers wallet. The only winners are the unionized government workers with never ending jobs with health care and pension plans the rest of us could only afford if we stopped paying taxes.
I fully support the Association of Slutty Sluts and Horny Obnoxious Ladies Empowerment Suffer jets or (ASSHOLES). Why wear cloths at all, except you fat ones please for the love of god at least wear a mumu.
I fully support the Association of Slutty Sluts and Horny Obnoxious Ladies Empowerment or (ASSHOLES).
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