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The Mob Presses on John Roberts

Darth_Belal Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 9:45 PM
Chris Christie is bringing a bright ray of Conservatism to New Jersey, Scott Walker survived a firestorm of Union thuggery in the recall election, Arizona got cleared, if barely, to step immigration enforcement, Rep Darrell Issa has got Holder's arm thoroughly twisted behind his back and could bring down Obama as a bonus in the "Fast and Furious" scandal, Romney is out raising Obama in campaign funds, the Democrats took an absolute beating in the 2010 elections. And a time like this, we've got Justice Roberts, who many had believed to be the bedrock of conservative Constitutionality, Justice Roberts just had to go and wet his pants over the idea ruling against Obamacare. Why oh why, do our guys fall apart when we NEED them??

Is anyone surprised that the ink wasn't dry on Chief Justice John Roberts' incoherent switcheroo before team Obama was again denying Obamacare is a tax? Why did he do it?

There is no doubt that the left waged a war on the court's public image. Just as Obama lectured at the justices during his State of the Union address for the Citizens United decision, so Obama and his media minions prepared for this verdict with blatant mob pressure: Side with us or your image is ruined.

For liberal journalists, repeal of Obamacare was tantamount to a deadly third strike....