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Mormons Have Irrational Beliefs? Who Doesn't?

Darren70 Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 8:19 PM
Out of curiosity, what is your take on Evangelical Lutherans?
Capt-Call Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 7:29 PM
I'm not ,but charles is a good guy.
Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 1:38 PM

So, Charles Martel; if that is you, welcome back to the fray. We'll kick the gong around soon, as we have before!

Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 1:36 PM


It wouldn't even matter if Capt-Call is Charles Martel. There is no question he knows all the secrets of your church's founder. You keep changing the subject as soon as JS is directly accused of immorality. That's to distract from a subject you can never hope to rationalize. Joseph Smith founder of your cult, was corrupt in soul; immoral and unscrupulous. Face it.
Capt-Call Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 1:57 AM
Meliassa Lott

Faithful Mormon Melissa Lott (Smith Willes) testified that she had been Joseph's wife 'in very deed.' (Affidavit of Melissa Willes, 3 Aug. 1893, Temple Lot case, 98, 105; Foster, Religion and Sexuality, p. 156.)

Louisa Beaman

In a court affidavit, faithful Mormon Joseph Noble wrote that Joseph told him he had spent the night with Louisa Beaman. (Temple Lot Case, p. 427)

Emily D. Partridge

Emily D. Partridge (Smith Young) said she 'roomed' with Joseph the night following her marriage to him and said that she had 'carnal intercourse' with him. (Temple Lot case, (complete transcript), pp. 364, 367, 384; see Foster, 'Religion and Sexuality,' p.
Capt-Call Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 1:56 AM
Joseph was very free in his talk about his women. He told me one day of a certain girl and remarked, that she had given him more pleasure than any girl he had ever enjoyed. I told him it was horrible to talk like this." - Joseph Smith's close confidant and First Counselor, William Law, Interview in Salt Lake Tribune, July 31, 1887
Capt-Call Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 1:01 AM
One thing I have no association with evangelical lutherans other than I've heard a few sermons on the radio , yes i did compare smith to hubbard , both are frauds , 39 wives should validate the sex addict observation my claims are based upon historical facts which mormons blissfully ignore . That my friend is worse than ignorance, it makes you a fool
Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 12:51 AM
Yes, you can easily lie; and so shoot the messenger, Darren. But you shoot because he tells the real truth, you shoot out of defensive fear.

A real prophet is HOLY; there's no shadow of perverse activities. No scandal.

Yours is a model of the disreputable. A fiend who exploited the religiosity of pious souls. With lies. You strive; but nothing can ever restore Joseph Smith's reputation. He only fools those who wish to be gods after this lifetime. They swallowed his hook.

Darren70 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 12:00 AM
You repeat the claim that Joseph Smith wasa sex addict. You cite nothing to support you claim. i can easily call you a child molster, rapist, adulterer, etc. but without evidence that would hardly be ethical and it most assuredly is not Christian. I think you've used up enough of my time, sir. Your posts are meaningless and consider your pst flagged as offensive. I do hope action is taken against you for I do not care to associate myself with any blog that may support unsubstantiated claims of sexual improprieties against anyone.
Darren70 Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 11:57 PM
"Mormonism based only upon Smiths revelation and he was a con man and a sex addict "

You claim Joseph Smith was a fraud. Yet you come here and make posts citing "Hubbard of Scientology, history rebuking Mormonism, and refuse to answer anything regarding your association with Evangelical Lutherans. "coincidentally", there once wasa certain "Charles Martel' who a) cited Hubbard of Scientology, b) cited history as demonstatively rebuking Mormonism, pronouced Joseph smith and all of mormonism a fraud, and would not talk of his association with Evangelical Lutherans. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I don't think so. i think you got banned and returned under another username.
Capt-Call Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 9:39 PM
Clown questions bro ,, Mormonism based only upon Smiths revelation and he was a con man and a sex addict
Darren70 Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 8:55 PM
Quaint you're quick to defend them, but are they fraudulant and are they "amoral horndogs"?

(To note I do not question their Christianity but their actions of conducting themselves as Christians is questionable. Aren't you associated and/or have been associated with them?"
Capt-Call Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 8:24 PM
They are christians , mormons are not
Commentators on both the right and left and both secular and religious note with disdain that Mormons (Latter Day Saints, as Mormons refer to themselves) have irrational practices and beliefs. The former, we are told, includes the wearing of sacred undergarments and the latter includes posthumous baptisms and the claims by the prophet of Mormonism to have found and deciphered engraved golden plates in New York State.

I read and hear these dismissals of Mormonism with some amusement -- because everyone who makes these charges holds beliefs and/or practices that outsiders consider just as irrational.

Let's begin with the religious critics.

There doesn't exist...