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Recite one account, prithee.
Quaint you're quick to defend them, but are they fraudulant and are they "amoral horndogs"? (To note I do not question their Christianity but their actions of conducting themselves as Christians is questionable. Aren't you associated and/or have been associated with them?"
Bad archeology? Tell me about Nahom. If archeology is the rubric to use to destermine LDS theological authenticity than you need to justify King David's rule of Jerusalem, the tens of thousands of Hebrews crossing the Sainai desert, and the fact that as archeology of the New World developes, that more and more the NBook of Mormon story is authenticated. This includes King Kush (around 900 BCE), elephantine animals existing in the Americas, barley, equine animals in the yuchatan, buildings of cement, etc.
Now, about being attacked by Mormons... "(Wasn't Jesus convicted to death? What about Peter?)" Wasn't Jesus a Jew?
"While the legal advice they received was probably poor, this is a professional failing on the lawyer's part. Furthermore, there was considerable debate as to whether the anti-banking laws were even constitutional. A second charter application was made with the support of Joseph Smith’s non-LDS lawyer, Benjamin Bissell, and other non-Mormons. The bank’s supporters probably hoped that they could eventually get a charter when the political circumstances were more favorable, and the support of legal and political personalities probably encouraged them in their course of action."
Here's a take on kirtland security Society: "Starting operations without a charter was clearly an unwise decision. It is doubtful that Joseph and associates had time to receive detailed legal advice between the time their first charter application was denied and the beginning of banking operations,[14] but the documents creating the KSS clearly bear the marks of being drafted by legal counsel.[15] There are also marked differences between the documents prepared for a bank with a charter, and for the subsequent "anti-banking society," suggesting that Church leaders did not simply "rewrite" the original legal documents: " (snip) /con't
"Smith was tarred and feathered and almost castrated by mormons for one illicit dalliance prior to his polygamous revelation " Factually incorrect regarding the revelation. Also here there is no edivdence of a "dalliance" by Joseph Smith. None. Zilch. It was rumored but that's not evidence. Like an affidavit, I can easily start rumors. Starting one doesn't make it true. As a Christian, you should know the difference. While there were, i think, *some8 excommunicated Mormons (for adultery) , there were no "Mormons" in the attack which beat Sidney Rigden to a dellusional pulp and took the life of Smith's sick one year old boy. If I err on these fact, do tell. Besdies, if Joseph Smith was attacked for his "dalliance", why was Sidney Rigdon?
"I know the very thought that your belief system is founded upon a lie and worse yet an amoral horndog " Calling anyone an 'amoral horndog' without evidence is not Christian nor should it be part of this blog as far as I'm concerned. I can call anyone a name but doing so when it is not true is bearing false witness. Good luck with that. As for its founding being a lie, it's no more a lie than the Son of Man claiming to be one with the Father. "So you admit Smith operated a fraudulent bank but try to parse convicted" Yes. You used tohe term "convicted", not me. If you want ot revise that, feel free. (More on the Kirtland Security Society in a bit) (con't)
Joesph smith's sexuality? If this is what you are referring to the only court records I know of were made bey affidavits made by women who claimed to have had sexual relations with Joseph Smith and made these claims long after (I think decades) after his death. That is not evidence. I can file an affidavit against anyone else claiming to have had sexual relations. When did Emma Smith ever say Joseph Smith had extra marital seuxla affairs?
Out of curiosity, what is your take on Evangelical Lutherans?
So long as history is presented accurately, I do not care what the source is. Good luck finding an unbiased history of Joseph Smith though. Same with Jesus and St. Peter.
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