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You repeat the claim that Joseph Smith wasa sex addict. You cite nothing to support you claim. i can easily call you a child molster, rapist, adulterer, etc. but without evidence that would hardly be ethical and it most assuredly is not Christian. I think you've used up enough of my time, sir. Your posts are meaningless and consider your pst flagged as offensive. I do hope action is taken against you for I do not care to associate myself with any blog that may support unsubstantiated claims of sexual improprieties against anyone.
"Mormonism based only upon Smiths revelation and he was a con man and a sex addict " You claim Joseph Smith was a fraud. Yet you come here and make posts citing "Hubbard of Scientology, history rebuking Mormonism, and refuse to answer anything regarding your association with Evangelical Lutherans. "coincidentally", there once wasa certain "Charles Martel' who a) cited Hubbard of Scientology, b) cited history as demonstatively rebuking Mormonism, pronouced Joseph smith and all of mormonism a fraud, and would not talk of his association with Evangelical Lutherans. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I don't think so. i think you got banned and returned under another username.
"You're sick and brainwashed, Darren. A near-crazy stooge of your false prophet and the devil. " Is this a reply to my complimenting your faith as one of the world's great faiths? Whether it is or is not. Consider this flagged as offensive. Your posts are now worthless of reply.
"It's also a very bad sign; if you're hated everywhere you go, to measure a monster against Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God. Joseph Smith is no Savior or Son of God, Darren. " The monster you reference createdan organization which is one of the most chritable on earth, does good to others, and is reknowned for forming strong families. that's its fruits. The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ's divinity and also to fbring forth good works in Christ's name. It stands along side the Bible as a divine witness of our LORD and Savior.
Dreadnaught; "Obviously because those who were familiar with JS hated his guts. He was hated almost everywhere he showed his conniving face." another blatantly false accusation. Did all Jews hate Jesu' guts/ They are the ones who insisted on kiling Him until they got their way. also, would you use this same argument against the early Christian martyrs? You condement them as much as you condemn Joseph Smith. If you swing the sword be prepared to be bleed by it as well. Also, expect to hit fome friendlies as well. "Eventually his flock was so hated they moved to Utah." They left under heavy persecution. "When Christian people hate you in every state you come into; it's a very bad sign, Darren." Like Arius? What about Tertullian?
"A number of times and quite loudly after she caught him . " Name one account , prithee.
"You are, as Capt-Call correctly said; victims of a con-man. NOTHING about the LDS religion is true." Capt-Call may not be who you think he is. Just a suspicion.
Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. Period. He did great things and suffered gravely for doing so. Joseph Smith's works glorified the Father through the Son. This and nothing else is what Mormonism is about: to glorify the Most High God through His Son.
"But staunch faith in somebody else's fraudulent stories and evil character is of no spiritual use to anyone." This is my main contention: you declare your opinion/interpetation of Joseph Smith and the LDS faith as if it were absolute fact. I do not expect you or anyone else to agree with what I believe. Simply not agreeing is not the same as outright attacking and doing so foundlessly. You beling to a great faith. One which the entire world should express a debt of gratitude for preserving the word of God throughout many generations. (con't)
Recite one account, prithee.
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