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The War on Drugs: Because Prohibition Worked So Well

Darrell38 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 1:20 AM
So, from your response, I guess you believe that Singapore has it right-- caning for minor transgressions as chewing gum, and prison terms for disparaging the government. Furthermore, your line of reasoning is not dissimilar to the old saw "If we outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns." You miss the point entirely.
cindobindo Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 4:45 AM
The "old saw" as you called it, turned out to be prophetic, it seems. Don't you read the paper or watch the news? Unarmed civilians are getting gunned down all the time by gun toting terrorists and other murderous men. Only the outlaws, in far too many instances, DO have guns.
Joseph64 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 3:42 AM
Look at the UK, Canada, and Australia. They prove the line about guns to be perfectly true. Law abiding citizens in those countries cannot have them, criminals do, crime is rampant.
evie10 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 8:08 AM
But the Canadians would have you believe the crime rate is much lower in Canada.
Joseph64 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 11:07 AM
They also think socialized medicine is good and they believe in global warming.
UltraMan Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 2:01 AM
Your argument that caning is used for chewing gum is false.

So are you ignorant or a liar?
Forty years ago, the United States locked up fewer than 200 of every 100,000 Americans. Then President Nixon declared war on drugs. Now we lock up more of our people than any other country -- more even than the authoritarian regimes in Russia and China.

A war on drugs -- on people, that is -- is unworthy of a country that claims to be free.

Unfortunately, this outrage probably won't be discussed in Tampa or Charlotte.

The media (including Fox News) run frightening stories about Mexican cocaine cartels and marijuana gangs. Few of my colleagues stop to think that this is...