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It is beyond me how you cannot see reality. If I had a business, and I was paying my employees $7.25 per hour for 8 hours of work per day, and someone told me I had to double my employees pay, I would make cuts to afford that. I would cut their hours, or reduce thge number of employees, or automate my business. I would find some way to maintain my profitability in the face of this theft of my money.
There are no real athiests.
It's time for Coloradoans to issue new recalls against the demonrats in their legislature. It's too bad we can't do the same in the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic of Kalifornia or USSR of Kalifornia. The Commies are too entrenched here for recalls to work. They'd just buy off the votes with their corrupt drug money.
NYT is right. It IS Democracy, the elite ruling the rest. America is a Republic. We need a return to a Constitutional Representative Republic. The founding fathers specifically warned us about democracy and democrats. We didn't listen.
I'm sorry but the most tragic thing in history is the rise of Liberalism, or Progressivism as it was once called. That's the ideology that government rules the people. It is a direct violation of the Constitution and everything American. That is th emost tragic thing I can think of. I sure don't miss the elitest son of a super rich bootlegger.
Sometimes you have to cull the herd. Maybe it's time to cull the loonies.
She's one of the stupidest women I've ever seen. Oh wait! I forgot Piglosi..
They are pigs. Nothing more. They serve no purpose in life other than to show their stupidity on national television.
But that is not the liberal utopia. Liberal utopia is rampant crime and plenty of victims with themselves in charge.
There are far too many RINOs infiltrating the Tea Party and corrupting the message.
It's also all of the foreign money flowing into the demoncrap war chest from Soros and other fascists in Europe that buy our elections. There should be no outside money to influence state elections at all. And there should be no outside money to influence national elections. There should be very stiff penalties for election influencing, like execution.
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