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I'm sure you meant kick butt, right? But our ROE should be Get in, Annihilate the enemy completely, then get out.
I can think of a lot of Generals who died in action. Generals Stonewall Jackson, Lewis Armistead, Richard Garner, Jeb Stuart, Phillip Kearny, John Reynolds, John Sedgwick and many more in the Civil War, over 200 in WWI and many more in WWII, so Generals do die in combat. I, for one, salute them.
Read the constitution and the letters of the founding fathers. The one thing they did NOT want was a Democracy. They set up a Representative Republic where the rights of the one shall be respected and protected. In a Democracy, the rights of the one do not matter when placed against the rights of the many. No, you are wrong. The founding fathers did NOT set up a Democracy. It is only the arrogance of the left and the Progressives now calling themselves Liberals that would think America is a Democracy (Democrat, get it?). No, America is a Republic (Republican, get it?)
That is wrong on so many levels.
We don't force Democracy on anyone. We show them the freedom and benefits of a Representative Republic and let them decide. No one in their right mind would choose a Democracy over a Republic.
And an intelligent free people will never make their way to Democracy.
Reality Check. We, as Americans, do not bring Democracy to others. We try to bring a Representative Republic like ours to them. Democracy is the few ruling over the many, something our founding fathers found abhorrent. Each man is a king in his own castle and no man has the right to dictate anything to him. We are responsible for our own actions, not the actions of others. Actions have consequences.
Hmm...this is a very ominous sign for the future. And now L.A. is talking about rounding up their homeless and forcing them into FEMA camps and implanting them with chips to monitor them. Shades of 1932 Germany and the rise of the Third Reich. And Kalifornika is passing illegal and un-Constitutional gun laws again this session. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.
I go to Mother Jones and read the absolutely vile, despicable, degenerate, heinous, lowlife lies, statements and comments made there and just wonder what kind of monsters spawned those things making those comments. Mother Jones is not real journalism, it's leftist propaganda like the Puffington Blowhole. Watters is funny. He makes liberals look like the fools and airhead sheeple they really are. I can see why the plug uglies at NOW would not want him there.
That's called bribery, and is a federal offense. Arrest the criminal and prosecute hime and send him to prison.
Hinkelpooper....OMG, I've been laughing all day. That is so hilarious.
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