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I go to Mother Jones and read the absolutely vile, despicable, degenerate, heinous, lowlife lies, statements and comments made there and just wonder what kind of monsters spawned those things making those comments. Mother Jones is not real journalism, it's leftist propaganda like the Puffington Blowhole. Watters is funny. He makes liberals look like the fools and airhead sheeple they really are. I can see why the plug uglies at NOW would not want him there.
That's called bribery, and is a federal offense. Arrest the criminal and prosecute hime and send him to prison.
Hinkelpooper....OMG, I've been laughing all day. That is so hilarious.
Once again we see the horrific results of leftist fascist ideology at work. And rather that attach the root problem of Liberalism and Progressivism, the leftist media attack the gun.
Oh, and to see which of her closest friends she would have executed next.
Actually, most of us were just watching and waiting to see what her incompetence and corruption would screw up next.
Personally, I don't believe there are any Athiests. People simply pretend to be athiests. The cowardly must justify their cowardous somehow.
It's not the First Amendment, it's their own emptiness and deep seated need to dominate everyone that drives them. They despise freedom. They despise free will, and they despise everything that makes normal people who they are. They are sick and twisted and users of humanity. They believe in nothing except their own superiority. They hate it when people are happy. They thrive on misery. They are the worst sort of people.
Athiests believe in nothing and nothing is sacred to them. They have no souls, only an emptiness that can never be filled. The ridicule everything and hold nothing as truth. They are a sad evil bunch.
The Bible calls homosexuality a sin. True Christians follow the Bible. Fake Christians pick and choose parts of the Bible they want to follow. So, which are you, a true Christian or a fake Christian? By your own admission, you are a fake.
The Catholic church is finished. As predicted it is crumbling and becoming a tool of the devil. This pope is the last one.
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