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The Bible calls homosexuality a sin. True Christians follow the Bible. Fake Christians pick and choose parts of the Bible they want to follow. So, which are you, a true Christian or a fake Christian? By your own admission, you are a fake.
The Catholic church is finished. As predicted it is crumbling and becoming a tool of the devil. This pope is the last one.
What a low life lying and putrid Ho this thing is. Perry is now where near being a serious journalist. I'm willing to be it hasn't even been to school at all.
This is what you get when you hire the totally ignorant and stupid to do a job.
Davis is a known liar, leech, golddigger, bad parent, abandoned her own kids. And this is the type of thing running as a Demoncrap? Yup. She fits in nicely with the corrupt left.
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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

Darreld Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 3:20 PM
The only felons in this assault on our Constitution are the criminal politicans who passed this unConstitutional crapola. That would be Malloy, Cuomo, the corrupt legislatures of CT, NY, CA, CO. These are the real felons here.
It's time to track Holder with a bracelet. Not a wrist bracelet but an ankle bracelet until he can be properly convicted of treason.
King just looks like a very very evil man.
And they would still be wrong because McCarthy had nothing to do with anything like this. He was trying to root out the Soviet Spies that Franklin Roosevelt let into the Pentagon. And that's the truth of that.
Of course the Dems support voter fraud. It's the only way they can get elected. Who do you know in their right mind would vote for the KKK?
The Puffington Blowhole is not American. It is European Fascism. It's ignorance to the Nth degree. It's a black hole for ideas and innovation. It sucks in the truth and spews out lies. Ariana Puffing-a-big-one is a Greek Socialist liar. I check it out every once in a while to see what lies and propaganda those lunatics are writing. But mostly because it's hilarious what they actually believe over there. It's a real reality check for those who think everything is fine in the world.
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