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With as much voter fraud as there is in Michigan, the sate is a leftist write-off. It's a cesspool state. No intelligent person lives there.
That's why she is failing in Texas. She doesn't understand anything. She is a gold digging, thieving, murder supporting, lying *itch who just does not get it at all.
Or ISIS. Convert or else die. That is what these people are saying. It's domestic terrorism and needs to stop now.
So now Lexington has become the latest un-American city. When are we going to start arresting these traitors and throwing them in prison for treason? They do NOT override the Constitution and are in direct violation of that Constitution and therefore are criminals and traitors. I would place them in the same category as the Nazis.
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Where Open Carry Is Legal And Illegal

Darreld Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 12:27 AM
It is worth noting that the states who prohibit open carry also have the highest murder rates. Just more proof the gun grabbers are liars and thieves and the lowest forms of life on the planet. Moms Demand Action are not moms at all but leftist communists with an agenda.
I'm sure you meant kick butt, right? But our ROE should be Get in, Annihilate the enemy completely, then get out.
I can think of a lot of Generals who died in action. Generals Stonewall Jackson, Lewis Armistead, Richard Garner, Jeb Stuart, Phillip Kearny, John Reynolds, John Sedgwick and many more in the Civil War, over 200 in WWI and many more in WWII, so Generals do die in combat. I, for one, salute them.
Read the constitution and the letters of the founding fathers. The one thing they did NOT want was a Democracy. They set up a Representative Republic where the rights of the one shall be respected and protected. In a Democracy, the rights of the one do not matter when placed against the rights of the many. No, you are wrong. The founding fathers did NOT set up a Democracy. It is only the arrogance of the left and the Progressives now calling themselves Liberals that would think America is a Democracy (Democrat, get it?). No, America is a Republic (Republican, get it?)
That is wrong on so many levels.
We don't force Democracy on anyone. We show them the freedom and benefits of a Representative Republic and let them decide. No one in their right mind would choose a Democracy over a Republic.
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