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If you call me at my home and ask me if I am working I will answer yes, even though I am a stay at home mother. what do people think I do sit around eating bon, bons all day. this is the most outrages jobs number report in a very long time. The real jobless rate is some where around 11 percent or higher. what does this administration think, we are all as stupid as they are.
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Our Disingenuous President

Darlene87 Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 7:36 AM
So this POTUS says we have to get rid of fossil fuels, and run all our cars on electricity, but coal for one supplies us with over 40% of our electricity, and he along with the EPA are shutting down a lot, and I mean a lot of coal fired generators in this country. Does any one else see a deliberate attack on We The People. This POTUS must be voted out of office. We as citizens of this once great country, must stand together and vote him out. He is systematically destroying us one regulation at a time.
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