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What Hath John Robert Wrought

darkcyder Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 12:35 PM
Interestingly, this brings the other Supreme Court ruling into the limelight. SInce government programs are now covering illegals, if the state of Arizona decides to NOT pony up for the additional Medicare costs, it will fall back to the federal government- which eans that the cost of providing healthcare for people illegally n the US will be borne by people in all other states. Let's see what they thik about Arizona protecting our borders when they have to pay for the cost of non-protection that the government seems to be mandating.

State legislative candidates may think they’re in the minor leagues, but a big league issue is coming at them. Over many years of door-knocking and community forums in five runs for Colorado’s statehouse, I’ve practiced diplomatically discussing misdirected questions about federal issues above my pay grade (way above, sadly).  But in this critical election, state candidates everywhere have to swing at an urgent fastball delivered by Team Obama-Roberts: Should your state throw in with the president and significantly expand the Medicaid program as part of his make-over of U.S. healthcare?

Of course, Team Obama-Pelosi didn’t intend to...