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Stealing from the Poor - For Their Own Good

darkcyder Wrote: May 30, 2012 3:42 PM
Those who do not have to work to gain the income they have gained (Presiden Obama, Hollywood elite, sports players, etc.) have little respect for the fact that those who worked hard to earn it more greatly cheirsh the income they gain. For that reason, they see no reason why the hard-working rich should have a problem with simply turning their hard-fought earnings over to those who are listless and lazy. Hey- make them clean the streets, or even public lavatories for it, and I'd bet they'd find a better job.
Hey Mama, is it true what they say,
that Papa never worked a day in his life?
And Mama, bad talk going around town
saying that Papa had three outside children and another wife.
And that ain't right.

Heard some talk about Papa doing some store front preaching.
Talking about saving souls and all the time leeching.
Dealing in debt and stealing in the name of the Lord.
- The Temptations

It's interesting how people line up behind politicians and political parties out of habit or odd obligations but when it comes down to it we all abhor certain actions from other people. The Temptations' timeless hit "Papa was a...
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