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Wow- Megan Kelly interviewing Sharf- that's like having two vacuums in the room sucking at each other. Two bubble-headed bleach blondes with a gleam in their eye. And I say that in the most respectful way- bless their hearts.
We happen to like him here in Texas. Did pretty good by us. A slip up or two, but not anything compared to the current loser.
They are doing everything they can to undermine any of the good conservatives. And yet- look what they have to offer- I mean really Obama last time- Hillary next time. Losers.
But the other guy wants to kill us all based on his imaginary god...
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How to Travel Like a CIA Spy

darkcyder Wrote: Jan 03, 2015 4:20 PM
Two things that will mark you: beard and backpack. If both, it's a guarantee of secondary screening . Voice of experience.
The first thing we need to do is to acknowledge "homophobia phobia" that's the fear of being branded homophobic. I fully embrace it. Those people scare me to death. They have an inordinate amount of power and continue to recruit innocents to their cause. The second thing we must do is remove ALL government involvement in marriage. If the legal prizes removed (inheritance laws, tax benefits, spousal privileges of all kinds) homos will lose their interest in LEGAL marriage. Then and only then it will become the sacred vow it is meant to be.
It is widely known that blacks have to be given special privileges because of the "opportunity gap". So, these shootings are rightfully ignored. That is affirmative action at work in the public arena.
Problem is they're like infected zombies. They bring their voting habits with them and screw up the next state. They want liberal politics, just not the results it automatically produces.
We heard these same arguments in hearings over Obama's birth certificate, and validity to run as a candidate. What must one do to gain "standing"? Perhaps if an illegal alien shot the sheriff's dog, he would then have standing? These judges are simply looking for any reason to keep these cases from seeing the light of day. They'll listen to cases from people who spill scalding coffee in their own laps, but not ones that have true merit.
Even f he had only done handful of executive actions- the ones he does are monumentally unconstitutional moves. Most presidents can count among their executive actions things like calling for a national day of prayer, or honoring a hero. They have not been used to rewrite laws or the constitution.
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