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WHERE THE F v C K DO WE LIVE ? is this AMERICA OR OMERICA ? f v c k you obama and your barrycades
if the Egyptians can protest and remove a muslim brotherhood terrorist from their govt why cant we do the same thing ? ... its time to remove the muslim brotherhood terrorist from OUR govt
Colleen Jenkins ''the shutdown, a result of Republicans' efforts to delay parts of President Barack Obama's healthcare law.''....REALLY ??? Hey Colleen ,its probably because your heads up obamas a s s that you didn't notice its Comrade reid and the Commiecrat party that has shut down OUR govt .... Carry on Comrade JUNKins
especially if hes flying a plane
i figured he got heckeled because he forgot to pull obamas a s s off his head before the town hall
we have become a nation of weak minded people , i have more respect for the people of egypt who disposed of the TERRORIST that was ruling them the way we should be desposing the TERRORIST king of amerika WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE LARGEST STANDING ARMY IN THE FREE WORLD AND ITS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE COMMIE BASTARDS THAT HAVE INFESTED OUR GOVT AND ARE RUNNING US AND OUR COUNTRY INTO THE GROUND
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Gang of Eight Increases Unemployment

Dark Archer Wrote: May 25, 2013 11:27 AM
please thats so 2008 !! get with the times, this is 2013 Bolshevik obama and the communist democrat party doesent give a rats as s what the American People want ...... now go get your papers in order because we see an IRSS audit in your future
WE the PEOPLE are the largest standing army in the free world !! its time we took back OUR country from these communist bastards that have infested our govt wake up patriots ....its time to stand and fight !!!!
BULL$HIT !! why should ''Hispanic dreams'' be put in front of anyone Else's dreams ? we are kept being reminded that America is a nation of immigrants and was built by immigrants ,BUT rarely do we hear what should be said, that America is a nation built by LEGAL immigrants who came here to better themselves and America ...not the CRIMINALS who have jumped our borders taken our tax dollars to feed their families and cut the line in front of those immigrant who apply to enter America LEGALLY, screw the illegal Hispanic or anyone else's dreams who break our laws if it means it will interfere with the dreams of those who would come to America to be AMERICANS and do things legally
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Meet the NRA's Biggest Recruiter

Dark Archer Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 7:24 AM
united we stand , they cant disarm us if, WE DONT LET THEM !! any law passed that is unConstitutional is unlawful, the feds know they will never get the federal ban ...BUT, they will start to take ''perks'' away from the states that refuse to play ball and write state gun restrictions , this will be the real fight , stand ready to defend your rights in which ever state you live.......and when the SHTF remember who our enemies are !!
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