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When Students Cheat Liberals Retreat

DariusIII Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 3:24 PM
No, maybe writer is correct. Remember, the rules of Liberalism 'effect' everyone, including students. That is why cheating is going on. If there is not a set of absolutes, then anything goes... so when the Liberals establish their zeitgeist, they 'effect' everybody.
The best argument against liberalism is that it doesn’t work. That should be obvious to any teacher who has to deal with student cheating. Even some sociology teachers are beginning to learn this although they are not aware that they are learning it. Like rats in a Skinner box, their behavior is being modified by reality even when they lack the intellectual capacity to recognize it. It warms my heart to see old liberals changing their ways, even if mindlessly. So I have written a column about it, which I am hoping will someday be reprinted by the New York Times....